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Laundromat 2.0: The Most Important OCCRP Investigations

Who of the Russians is involved in the "Azerbaijani laundromat"? What is the "Azerbaijani laundromat"? "Landromat" is a complex system of money laundering, where banks and one-day companies are used in different countries as reported by the Center for the Study of Corruption and Organized Crime (OCCRP) published an investigation on how Azerbaijani authorities used fictitious companies in the UK for laundering $2.9 billion. . The money passed through a large European...

Temple-on-Blood: What Happened to Activists of Environmental Watch?

How are builders of the wine-chateau of Putin’s classmate associated with an attack on environmentalists At the very end of the Russian Year of Environment in Krasnodar, unknown individuals attacked the activists of the Ekovakhta (Ecowatch) for the North Caucasus. Its head, Andrei Rudomakha, suffered serious injuries. The environmentalists are sure that the attack was initiated to hide the construction of the VIP facility near Gelendzhik. Russiangate tells who could illegally cut down the forest...

New Year in a Desert: How Officials’ Children Spent Their Holidays

Sandboarding, fishing on islands and other New Year's entertainments of children of Russian officials DECEMBER 31 UNDER THE PYRAMIDES Three days ago, snow fell in the Sahara – in the last 30 years, it happened only four times. The family of the Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov could have “brought” it there. His children celebrated the New Year’s Eve there. Denny Peskov, along with his mother – Peskov’s ex-wife Yekaterina Solotsinskaya – were in Cairo on December 31. This...

Where Russian Officials and Oligarchs Spent New Year's holidays?

Russiangate reads maps and yachts locations to see what the next year will be like for the Russian elite DMITRY PESKOV – GREECE On November 30, daughter of Russian Presidential Press Secretary, Yelizaveta Peskova, published a touching post on her Instagram about a boy who was injured by a maniac in Greece four years ago. Alleging that the Peskovs family demands justice, which has not been restored for three years for the unfortunate family, she suggested collecting money for them. In the beginning...

Investment "Prihvatizatsiya" by Sergei Matvienko. Part 1

How the son of the Federation Council Chairman seized a very expensive property in St. Petersburg for a rock-bottom price. The first part of the investigation Sergei Matvienko reaps the fruits of Valentina Matvienko’s work in St. Petersburg: plots of land and non-residential premises leased ten years ago to his commercial companies go to private ownership one by one. Governor Georgy Poltavchenko did not even try to save city facilities from planned seizure: on the contrary, he sold them for pennies...

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