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What Does the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Own?

Sanctions are sanctions, the MFA still has a golf course and is working with Americans. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in response to US sanctions, recently expelled diplomats and seized the Moscow residences of Serebryanyi Bor from the Americans. However, in a parallel reality, the MFA conducts business and represents the interests of Americans. Anastasia Khlopkova found out what commercial objects and companies belong to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. MFA Enterprises Since...

How to win a Presidential Grant: Be on the Jury

Conflicts of interest are bad, even when the money goes to good purposes. On July 31, the non-profit non-governmental organizations who were awarded presidential grants were announced. Some of them were NGO’s whose leaders were members of the selection committee. Sofia Savina investigated the connections between them. Who choose the winners This year, a new grant allocation system was introduced and was chaired by three bodies: a joint expert council, the grant coordinating committee and the...

Raising the Curtain on the State Theater Budget

A corruption schemes in theaters which investigators haven’t noticed The criminal case of the Gogol Center drew attention to the mechanisms of financing state theaters. Can state theaters earn their own money? How much does the Ministry of Culture give for the performances? Mikhail Shubin found out. Most theaters receive money from the Ministry of Culture, state programs and subsidies. There is one exception, the Bolshoi Theater of Russia, expenses for it are included directly into the federal...

World of Yachts: Russian Officials on Summer Vacation

It’s cold in Moscow - but who cares when you sailing on a yacht? Officials and billionaires aren't the most vocal about their vacation plans, however, in the era of digital technology, lots of information can be found with just a few clicks. Russiangate traced the yacht routes of the top state officials and tells where they’re hiding from Moscow's unpleasant weather. PESKOV’S FRIEND AND WIFE IN IBIZA The yacht The Maltese Falcon has come into view of investigators before. It is not known...

Apostol's Astroturfing Twitter Bots

... non-positive tweets on his official twitter account. "You, cockerel with cockish manners, will have hard times in prison, not Shuvalov ," - writes one bot-defender. The defenders of Igor Shuvalov became more active in the fall of 2016, after investigations into Shuvalov’s property were published showing that he had a 680 million ruble apartment in the center of Moscow, a 40 million ruble car and a $ 50 million private plane, which apparently upset the vice-deputy. The Apostol bots continued ...

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