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Propagandists Do Not Grow on Trees: A Look into Novorussia's Capital Flows

Popular propaganda resources of “Novorossiya”: where did the money come from? Who is behind popular propaganda outlet Novorossiya? Alexandra Urman found out how a street activist from Crimea, a teacher from Zhukovsky and a Russian oppositionist from Khimki became editors of the influential outlet and entered into politics. NewsFront According to the website NewsFront, the periodical "seeks to protect the interests of Russian civilization, showing the true face of the opponents of the Russian...

Follow the billions invested into a Crimean Children's Camp

Putin’s friends, the owner of GUM owner and a minor official are reviving a dream of a children's camp. One of the mainstays of the Soviet Union was the Artek children’s camp, which every young pioneer dreamed of attending every Summer. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the camp became part of Ukraine and then ultimately fell back into Russian hands after the Maidan. Since reacquiring the camp, the Russian government has invested billions of rubles into the camp. Mikhail Shubin studied how...

Russian far right bike gang, Govt Insiders apply for presidential grants

Known far right wing groups and government insiders have requested millions of rubles from the government. Every year, non-profit organizations from around Russia submit their applications for presidential grants and on July 31, the selected winners will be announced. Alexandra Elagina takes a deeper look into the grants and applications. There will be only two competitions for projects clamoring for presidential grant funds in 2017. In total, 6623 applications were submitted for the first competition...

Breaking Open the Political Piggy Bank

A deep dive into the political donors sponsoring systemic oppression Russiangate​ continue s its analysis​ of the financial ​ reports​ of the parties represented in State Duma, with Sofia Savina uncovering who are the donors sponsoring the minority parties in parliament. The Wealthy Communists In 2016, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation received 667 million rubles in donations, half of which, 345 million rubles, were made by legal entities. From this amount, more than 300 thousand...

Suppliers with an accent

To counter the non-patriots, the Russian Guards purchase the US-made vehicles through Cypriot offshores. The Russiangate keeps reporting about what the Rosgvardia (the Russian Guards) buys to counter the “fifth column” and to protect public order. Anastasia Khlopkova collected information about who supplies the sound weapons, armored vehicles, arms and bullets for the Guards. Nothing imported, or “It’s better if the state orders are implemented by the national companies rather than the foreign...

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