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Nine dead bodies and the right to carry arms

Life in a village after brutal murder of nine people: residents considering obtaining arms for themselves In the town of Redkino in Tver region late on June 3 a local electrician shot nine people from his Saiga rifle, allegedly after quarreling with one of his acquaintances. Mikhail Shubin visited Redkino to reconstruct the events and learn how many Russian possess the firearms. It takes one hour to get to Redkino from Moscow by a rapid train. It carries about 100 passengers who either live there...


Where do rich Russian political parties get money from and what do they spend it for? Political parties reports their financial operations annually. The Russiangate studied their incomes and spending in 2016. Who the 20-year-old millionaires sponsor, who received armes as a gift, who bought a sandbox, Sofia Savina reports. Shooting range as a gift On June 3, the Central election commission published the financial reports of the political parties for 2016, the year of the State Duma elections...

What’s wrong with the charity of St-Petersburg governor’s daughter-in-law

... while its income and expenses figures in 2016 differs from those available at the Justice ministry’s database. The 2016 figures appeared at the foundation's website only after the Snob had reported that the city governor banned the media to publish investigations about his daughter-in-law’s foundation. The charity website says that in 2015 and 2916 it spent about 2 mln rub for various aid. One of the donors, the Peresvet bank, contributed 200,000 rub in 2015. In 2016, Neshchadimova lost the foundation ...

Corruption weekly: June 5-9

Corruption weekly news: June 5-9 June 5. The Bellingcat publishes a photo allegedly backing the claims that the MH-17 flight was downed by the Russians. The group says that on July 17, 2014 the Buk anti-aircraft system shot down the Boeing-777 in Ukrainian airspace. The tragedy resulted in loss of 298 lives. In 2015, investigation came to conclusion the aircraft was destroyed by the Buk surface-to-air missile. The Bellingcat discovered the Buk images in the web dated 2013 but downloaded in 2015...

Who earns on beautification of Moscow downtown

The Russiangate found the companies which always earn in the Moscow’s Central administrative district (TsAO). Moscow’s Presnensky municipality plan to reshape and beautify a local children’s park which has been in perfect conditions. The 47-mln-ruble contract has been given to the Grostroi company. Anastasia Khlopkova investigated who facilitate the company to win the contracts. Chess piece beautification According to the photo published on Facebook by Vladimir Romanov, the Presnensky children...

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