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Moscow Renovation: The True Cost of Consent

Getting the Moscow renovations approved is proving to be difficult, but the government’s spending campaign behind it is easy money. Experts estimate the cost of demolishing all of the “Khrushevok” 5-storey buildings in Moscow will total 3.5 trillion rubles. Thankfully before any of the construction begins, money needs to be spent to convince residents of the benefits of renovation. Toylike showrooms and make-up artist for officials, Sofia Savina figured out how much the suppression of popular...


... the problems of "female" businesses, her second organization hopes to answer this question. "Conducting a survey of more than 1,500 women entrepreneurs, members, friends of Women's Business’ partners in 2016 helped to reveal that the main obstacle to the creation and development of one's business for a woman is cautiousness due to lack of knowledge, lack of confidence in the correctness of their decisions and understanding what they can achieve and the main driver of growth women ...

Propagandists Do Not Grow on Trees: A Look into Novorussia's Capital Flows

... is in truth. The victory will be ours," the site says. NewsFront was created in November 2014. The site publishes dozens of articles a day. Most of them, however, are reprinted materials from other publications. Their original publications are mainly produced by the editor-in-chiefs of NewsFront Konstantin Knyrik and Sergei Veselovsky. The site receives more than 3 million monthly visitors. How the website is profitable is unclear, NewsFront does not advertise. In the section "About Us" ...

Who hides behind governors?

... February 2016 as well as construction minister Andrei Skomorokhov. Investigators suspect Skomorokhov of facilitating Ignatovich and a firm he control of removing competitors in a 90-mln-ruble contract. Ignatovich had also concocted an illegal deal with the main federal inspector Vitaly Lukyanchuk. The deputy governor promised him to renovate the inspector’s service apartment free of charge in exchange for obtaining a state contract on reconstruction of a childcare facility. The both men have been arrested ...


... earning 8.3 bln rub, the UR spent 8.2 bln, including spending on propaganda (947.6 mln rub) and on charity (4.7 mln). LDPR’s spending was the lowest (1.3 bln rub). The party throw money for their congresses and meetings, public events, propaganda, maintenance of staff and regional branches. The most expensive event organized by the UR has been its 15th Congress in Moscow. The cheapest event (just 100 rub) has been a conference held in Bogoroditsk district in the Tula region. The UR Moscow division ...

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