Golden Cage: How Ulyukaev Spends Time Under House Arrest

Who settled next to Alexei Ulyukayev in the elite residential complex 'Golden Keys-2'

The court is to announce the verdict to ex-minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukaev. For more than a year he has been spending the days of house arrest in an apartment in the elite residential complex called 'Golden Keys-2' (Zolotye Klyuchi-2). Sofia Savina peeked into the house with a pool on the roof and tells which influential people Ulyukaev meets in his own house entrance.


It’s hard to visit the ex-minister these days – the court banned him from communicating with anyone except fort close relatives and lawyers. Under house arrest, he cannot use the Internet and a mobile phone. And yet one can find out how the former minister lives – after going on a virtual walk around Ramenki district.

In the Basmanny Court's decision on Ulyukaev’s house arrest, it was said that during the investigation he would be in the apartment at Minskaya Street, 1g. This is the residential complex Golden Keys-2. It consists of three residential buildings and four cottages. Ulyukaev’s building has 22 floors, two of which are an underground parking.

Residential complex 'Golden Keys-2'

The Golden Keys-2 complex is located in the flood plain of the Ramenka River, in the nature conservancy zone of the Setunsko-Ramensky Reserve. The tenants’ tranquility is carefully guarded – the territory is patrolled, and the apartments are protected by armored doors.

The complex has its own kindergarten, tennis courts, restaurants, a fitness center with SPA-salon, bath complex and cryosauna. On the roof of one of the buildings, there is an outdoor pool. In the Golden Keys-2, there is even a zoo with llamas, deer, rabbits, mountain sheep, squirrels and a fox.


Alexei Ulyukaev’s apartment occupies an area of ​​224 sq. m. It is on the fourth floor of the Building 1. There are five rooms in it. The apartment with the same parameters in this house – five rooms, the fourth floor, the same area – is now up for sale for 152 million rubles. According to the description in the advert, the apartment has a dining room, a master bedroom with an office, two children's bedrooms, a guest room, a dressing room, a laundry room and three bathrooms.

The apartment’s mentioned area is indicated in Alexei Ulyukaev’s last declaration for the year 2015. Judging by the information provided by the former minister, his whole family then lived exactly on the Minskaya St. Despite the fact that his current wife, according to the declaration, owns two more apartments, it was this one that was indicated as in use by her, the son and the daughter of Ulyukaev.

The apartment completely identical to the apartment of Alexei Ulyukayev. Photo: CIAN

The ex-minister of economic development purchased the apartment in 2012. According to an extract from Rosreestr, the title to the apartment was transferred to him from Taras Viktorovich Usik. This is the son of Ulyukaev’s first wife – Tamara Usik. He is known as the former Deputy Chairman of the Board of PJSC Svyaz-Bank. The apartment was given to the stepfather “upon submission” – this means that Ulyukaev got it for free.

Usik purchased the apartment a year before: in 2011, he bought it from Alexander Parshkov. At that time, a person with the same name headed the procurement contracting department of Rosneft. Two years ago, he was appointed vice president of procurement of PJSC ALROSA.

In the same house now lives the alleged daughter of Parshkov – one of the apartments is registered in the name of Diana Alexandrovna Parshkova. On one of the forums, a user with the same name is indignant: “I do not want to stand in a traffic jam on the Minskaya Street, because Caucasians park near the mosque!” The memorial mosque is located in the neighborhood with the Golden Keys-2.


The general contractor and an investor in the construction of the residential complex was Sergei Polonsky’s company Mirax Group. It also builds the skyscraper Federation in Moscow City.

First, Polonsky’s company built the elite complex of Golden Keys-1. The house under the number 1a is located on the same Minsk Street, but on the other side of the Setun River. Upon the first glance, it looks more like a castle than a modern building. Apartments in it cost from 60 to 387 million rubles.

In the first Golden Keys foreigners, senior managers and officials settled. Chairman of the Government Dmitry Medvedev purchased an apartment in this house. Here, according to media reports, Patriarch Alexy II, who headed the ROC before Patriarch Cyril, owned an apartment as well.

Residential complex the Golden Keys-1

In the Golden Keys-2 real estate prices are somehow “more modest” – the starting price for a one-room apartment would be 20 million rubles. The most expensive apartment would cost about 220 million rubles. The main bonus when buying housing here, in addition to the animals in the local zoo, are the eminent neighbors.

Under Alexei Ulyukaev’s apartment, on the floor below, lives Yana Khtey – the wife of a Russian volleyball player, champion of the 2012 Summer Olympics Taras Khtey. It is this family that will suffer in the event of a flood in Ulyukayev's apartment.


At the elevator, the ex-minister may encounter Alexander Budberg, the spouse of Natalia Timakova, Dmitry Medvedev’s press secretary. He owns a two-storey apartment in the same buiding. If we assume that she is visiting her husband, then Alexei Ulyukaev could have been through a small talk with her. Budberg’s apartment (​​268 sq. m.) is not indicated in Natalia Timakova’s income declaration for 2016.

In the same building, there is an apartment, the owner of which is the full namesake of businessman Denis Voronenkov, a person of interest in a high profile criminal case. Kachur Vitaliy Ivanovich was convicted of complicity to Voronenkov in an especially large scale fraud, connected with unlawful seizure of a building. In 2015, he was sentenced to a year and a half in a colony prison, and, in March 2017, he bought an apartment in a house on the Minskaya.

His neighbor is called Zulai Shamaevna Kadieva. Until 2014, a person with the same name served as Deputy Staff Manager of the head and government of the Chechen Republic on financial and economic issues. The apartment on the Minskaya, according to an extract from Rosreestr, appeared in it only in 2015.

Valery Galievich Nugmanov is another neighbor of Ulyukaev. The head of the logistics management department of PJSC Tatneft and the chief procurement officer of the oil company has a similar name.


The other high-ranking neighbors are scattered around the other buildings of Alexei Ulyukaev's house. In the next building, there is an apartment of Anastasia Zadorina, who is the daughter of the FSB's “bursar” Mikhail Shekin. She became famous as an outfitter for the Russian Olympic team.

Her neighbor in the stairwell is Ilnur Sabitov. The same name was given to the Deputy General Director for Development of the Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG. The apartment on the floor above is registered in the name of Fatima Khazueva, who is a full namesake of the assistant secretary of the head of the Chechen Republic.

On the other side, in the next building, there lives a certain Andrey Demin, whose name completely coincides with the name of one of the members of the board of PJSC Rosseti. A few floors above, the apartment of Stalbek Mishakov, the adviser to the CEO of Rusal Global Management, is located. Above this one, there is the apartment owned by Abdul-Wahed Niyazov, the president of the Islamic Cultural Center of Russia, a State Duma deputy of the third convocation.

Among Ulyukaev's neighbors, there is also the son of the founder of the Tashir Group of Companies Karen Hayrapetyan, the former CEO of Uralkali, Vladislav Baumgertner, the president of the Moscow Industrial Bank, Abubakar Arsamakov.

In the same house, many civil servants live. For example, Irina Muravyova, the head of the Moscow registry office, also owns an apartment there. She indicated an apartment with the same area on the Minskaya St. in all her available declarations – from 2010 to 2016. According to an extract from the Rosreestr, she acquired this property two years after her appointment to the post of the head of the capital's registry office in 2006.

It is not known whether Muravyova could buy an apartment in the Golden Keys-2 at her own expense, since there is no information on her official income for that period. Over the last 7 years, her annual income in the given position ranges from 2 to 6 million rubles. The cost of an apartment with the same area in this house, according to proposals on the market, is worth about 50 million rubles.

The house of Ulyukaev is also in demand among Russian diplomacy. Here the namesake of Sergei Ovsyannikov, the Russian Consul General in New York, lived. However, he sold his apartment even before taking the office, in 2012. However, Alexander Bregadze, the Extraordinary Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Guinea, still lives in the same house as Ulyukaev.


In addition to the high-rise buildings, there are several townhouses on the territory of the Golden Keys-2, the capital’s solution for elite summer residents. In one of them, a seven-room apartment with an area of ​​387 sq. m. is located. It previously belonged to the children of the former head of Chechnya, Ali Alkhanov, who now holds the post of Deputy Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation.

Alkhanov named his children in an interview: Tamila and Ibrahim. They completely coincide with the names of the former owners of housing indicated in the extract from the Rosreestr.

Since 2005, the “cottage type apartment” belonged to the son, Ibrahim Alkhanov, and in 2007, he gave it to his sister Tamila Alkhanova. However, three months later, the official’s daughter sold the apartment.

So in fact, the children have lived on the Minskaya for just as long as their father was the president of Chechnya – from 2004 to 2007 – after the death of Akhmad Kadyrov and up to the ascent the son of the murdered leader, Ramzan Kadyrov.

Now, the cottage apartment is registered in the name of Anna Demina. According to the information of the hacker group Anonymous International, the same name was given to the wife of Andrey Demin, a member of the board of PJSC Rosseti, who lives next door – in the same house where Alexei Ulyukaev is serving his house arrest.

At the time when Anna Demina bought the apartment from the Alkhanovs family, her husband was the Deputy CEO of one of the Rosseti’s subsidiaries.

Now, an apartment in the same townhouse with a similar area costs 384 million rubles. In order to allow to buy his wife such a house, the top manager would have to take a mortgage. According to the Andrei Demin’s declaration for 2014 published by the Anonymous International, his annual income was then 41.6 million rubles.

However, Anna Demina could buy a house in the Golden keys-2 herself. According to the documents published by the Shaltai-Boltai group, round amounts are siphoned to her foreign accounts of the offshore companies registered in the British Virgin Islands.

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