Greyhound Puppies and Other Bribes Given in Russia

Sometimes officials need not money, but products, pianos or puppies


The case of the MIA Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko has an episode of bribery by providing a vacation. The investigation believes that the defendant had a vacation in Sochi at the expense of the head of Gazprom's automation company, Avsholum Yunayev. Zakharchenko's weekend cost 800 thousand rubles. This episode is considered as a bribe in a particularly large amount.

In addition, Colonel Zakharchenko is accused of receiving 7 million rubles from the ex-head of the company Rusinzhiniring (Russian Engineering), Anatoly Pshehornitsky, as well as $ 800 thousand and 3.5 million rubles from restaurateur Mehdi Douss.

And in Tyumen, a convict sent to a SIZO inspector two gift certificates for a male SPA-salon for 20,000 rubles “as a token of gratitude for his assistance in receiving letters and periodicals sent to him by mail from the insulator's warehouse in March.” The inspector himself reported on a bribe to the Prosecutor's Office.


A resident of Arkhangelsk was sentenced to 3.5 years probation for bribe-taking. As investigators found out, being an official, he received the bribe through an intermediary. The bribe was in the form of sawn timber and a log cabin. Also, the convict paid a fine 17 times the bribe amount – 2.1 million rubles.

Bribes in the form of construction materials were also received by the ex-head of the Correctional Colony No. 19 in Kazan, Ruslan Farrakhov. The court sentenced him to three years of imprisonment, since he, being the chief of the CC, not only received bribes in the form of building materials, “but also did not refuse cognac and sweets.” Bribes in total for 96 thousand rubles were given by the management of the Kazan foundry Volzhsky zavod – Detal (Volga Plant – Component) “for the general connivance and patronage.”

And in Saratov, an official from the administration of the Frunzensky District of the city was fined. He was proved to have committed abuse of office. According to the investigation, he forced businessmen engaged in alcohol sales give him boxes with champagne and vodka. For this, he promised to protect their cafes from inspections. In the event of a refusal, on the contrary, they were threatened with closure.


In Ukhta, the company Eriehl NeftegazServis was fined for bribing an employee of Rostekhnadzor. As the Prosecutor's Office of the Komi Republic found out, the bribe was in the form of an Uzbek dressing gown and a skullcap. Their value was estimated at 13 thousand rubles.

The court found that in April 2016, for the mentioned robe and skullcap, the head of the Ukhta territorial department of the Pechora Administration signed and stamped an act of commissioning a drilling rig in the Sosnogorsky District of Ukhta and did not conduct the necessary verification of the well.


The former head of the Chita customs post was accused of taking a bribe in a considerable amount. According to the investigation, the defendant received, in addition to 129,000 rubles, an electronic piano for 43,800 rubles. The bribe was given by a representative of a commercial organization that deals with foreign economic activity.


The head of the security department of the Investigation Committee, Mikhail Maksimenko, took bribes in the form of puppies, as it transpired in June 2017. He received bribes from kingpin Shakro Molodoy. One of the episodes in his criminal case is a reward in the form of a jeep and puppies of elite breed.

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