Vodka or schnapps: which liqueurs the officials favor

The Russiangate analyzes the state contracts on supply of alcohol.

The state organizations allocate spending for buying strong drinks monthly. Sofia Savina estimated the scale of “drunk spending”.

According to the online state contract records for the last six years, spirit drinks are ordered by the presidential and governmental resorts and canteens, universities, hospitals, labor camps as well as municipalities, Defense ministry, Russian railways. The majority of the orders come, not surprisingly, from the capital city and the region.


Since 2011, when the records of state purchases started, to 2013, four hundred contracts on alcohol consignment had been signed each year. In 2015, the number of such contracts fell sharply. But in 2016, the figure hiked to the historical record of 524 orders.

Clicking on a region pops up the number of contracts signed there. Clicking on an bottle pops up the number of purchases in that region of a certain product: vodka, wine or beer.

Krasnodar, Samara and St-Petersburg follow the steps. Moscow prefers wine, vodka and beer. Ulyanovsk also prefers beer, and Yamalo-Nenetsk district loves champagne and whiskey.

Healing drinking bouts

The Vatutinki resort run by the Presidential administration has championed in the volumes of the alcohol purchased in the recent years. The resort ordered 154 consignments of hard liquors.

Krasnodar’s Kuban Cossack chorus ordered 85 consignments of whiskey, cognac, wine, champagne, vodka.


They have been followed by the Congress Palace in Strelna, Sheremetyevsky resort, Rus and Volzhsky Utes sanatoriums, Kremlevsky food processing plant - all run by the Presidential administration. Khabarovsk administration and Russian Railways also could be found in the top ten of alcohol consumers.

Brüderschaft with governor

The most expensive orders of alcohol came from the Samara governor and government administrations. They purchased wine and vodka on 9.6 mln rubles from the regional budget.

The Rublevo-Zvenigorodsky sanatorium of the Presidential administration bought 3,000 bottles of vodka for 1.4 mln rubles, and 20,000 bottles of beer for 1 mln rubles.

The same money was paid for vodka by St-Petersburg administration and the Defense ministry for red dry wine.


The Defense ministry’s department in Murmansk spent 1.3 mln rubles for wines. St-Petersburg’s Shostakovich academic Philharmonia spent 1 mln rubles for wines.

Moscow region administration paid 920,000 rubles for cognac. Moscow’s Russian Song state musical theater paid 656,000 rubles for the same drink.

Patriotic schnapps

Wine, vodka and beer lead the list of the preferred drinks among officials. Champagne, whiskey and liqueurs are also in favor. Vermouth, gin, cognac, tequila, absent, brandy, schnaps are less sought.


Russia’s Peoples friendship university, Rus sanatorium, Yamalsky hotel are fonds of schnaps. The Rus, Congress Palace and labor camp No1 in Sakhalin prefer calvados.

The absent is in favor in the Ellada sanatorium belonging to the Federal tax service and the Peoples friendship university, while gin is celebrated in the Kuban Cossack chorus and RZD.

Protocol vodka

Mordovia’s industrial and science ministry spent 270,000 rubles for the Derevenka vodka. The Congress Palace spent 244,000 rubles for the Tsarskaya vodka. The Constitutional court paid 192,000 rubles for the Kremlin Award vodka, which is specifically designed as the Kremlin’s official drink.

The Sheremetyevsky sanatorium bought vodka Putinka; the Orenburg’s labor camp No11 preferred Russky Les; the Urals special construction department drank Znatnaya.

Over a mug of beer: Vladimir Putin meeting with soccer fans

Domestically-made Baltica beer is welcomed in the House of scientist in Siberian division of the Russian Academy of science. Zhigulevskoye beer is a must in the Volzhsky Utes sanatorium.

However, the officials prefer imported hard drinks. Yamalo-Nenetsky district government bought Hennessy and Chivas Regal, while Moscow regional Nakhabino training center preferred the White horse whiskey.

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