Corruption Weekly: 15-19 January

Russiangate Weekly digest of the most important investigations.

January 15, the Municipal Scanner edition told about the Faberge Easter egg, which was presented to Vladimir Putin in 2014. It was created for the Efrussie family in 1902. Three years later, it was presented to Baron Eduardo Rothschild as an engagement present. In 2007, Russian collector Alexander Ivanov bought the egg. He is believed to be connected with the "Putin’s masseur", Konstantin Goloshchapov, (you can read more about him here). At the same time, Ivanov has never been engaged in business, but he had money for the expensive items for his collection. The Municipal scanner suggests that he received money from Goloshchapov, since the purchases were made after their acquaintance. Therefore, the money for the Faberge egg for Putin was also given by the president's friend.

On January 16, RBC published a text about additional earnings of Russian football players. It turned out that the players of CSKA Igor Akinfeev, Vasily and Alexei Berezutskys, as well as the head of the team, Sergei Yakunchikov, jointly own business selling construction materials; goalkeeper of Kazan Rubin Sergei Ryzhikov and his agent Alexei Safonov own Uzbek lounge café called Tyubeteika in Moscow (already liquidated). Alexander Samedov from Spartak and his wife opened cafe Siren’ in Moscow’s Sokolniki park with producer Alexander Tolmatsky involved in management of the café. The story reveals names of 12 athletes running their businesses.

On the same day, MBH Media (former Open Russia) published a text about corruption of the Moscow authorities on the example of two facilities located in Matveevskoye district: abandoned cinema Planeta and destroyed water park called Planeta Aquadrome.

At the same time, Sobesednik came out with an investigation about holidays of senator and TV propagandist, Alexei Pushkov. Last year, he met the New Year with his family in Spain. And the eve of 2018 Pushkov spent at the airport of Rome. Over the past months, the senator and his wife have visited Spain, Italy, Germany, Britain and Finland. The publication stressed that Pushkov travels abroad more often than holds meetings with the population.

Official salary of the senator is 385 thousand rubles a month. Pushkov receives additional incomes as a TV presenter. For example, at the end of the last year, TV Center channel signed a contract with him for the creation of the Postscript program. According to the document, one episode of the program costs 262 thousand rubles. Pushkov is to prepare 39 episodes for the TV channel during this year.

According to the senator, his wife Nina Pushkova spends her own money for the trips, while he spends budget money in case of official visits to Europe.

January 19, Meduza told about connection of disappearance of turnstiles in Moscow buses and officials and businessmen close to the former mayor of the city Yuri Luzhkov, and neighbors of the head of Rosgvardia, Viktor Zolotov.

Moscow transport was equipped with turnstiles in 2002; Solyarus company performed the works for $ 94 million. Another 910.4 million rubles in 2008-2010 the city paid for the use of patent for the fare payment system owned by the co-founder of Solyarus and husband of the general director of the company.

At the end of 2016, the company lost a tender for servicing the fare payment system for the first time. In 2018, the tender was won by Translelematika company and its affiliated company PayTrans. The companies belong to former deputy chairman of the board of Gazprom, Alexander Ryazanov, and his son. Over the past three years, these firms have received orders for 1.38 billion rubles from the Moscow government.

In addition, Solyarus no longer receives orders for the delivery of new turnstiles. The company Sal Group owned by Natalia Kirillova performs the works now. The woman has connections with high-ranking intelligence officers: she is believed to be a relative of the head of the security service of the FSO, Vladimir Kirillov. She also owns a land plot in the village of Yashcherovo next to Zolotov, the governor of the Tula region and the former Putin guard, Alexander Dyumin, head of the President's manager's divisions Alexander Kolpakov and many others.


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