Rating: The Wealthiest Officials in Kirov Region

How much do deputies earn in the region where the corruption scandal has recently become known all over the country?

The wealthiest officials in the Kirov Region are the deputies of the local Legislative Assembly. Russiangate has analyzed their declarations and tells what they own.

Sergei Kiselev has the highest income – 141.6 million rubles. His work as a parliamentarian, he successfully combines with the post of president of the company Dvizheniye-Nefteprodukt (Motion-Oil-product).

Kiselev declared four residential houses (total area of 866.8 sq. m.), four apartments (total area of ​​662.4 sq. m.), a garage (125.6 sq. m.); four land plots (total area of 78.4 ha) and four non-residential outbuildings (total area of ​​1441.5 sq. m.).


The deputy also declared two Toyota and Chevrolet cars, as well as a UAZ and a VAZ. Kiselev did not list the exact models of his cars, just indicated their brands. In addition to the cars, the parliamentarian owns six boats, one jet ski, two snowmobiles and five trailers.

The second place in our rating is taken by is the CEO of the Agro-Industrial Holding Doronichi, deputy of the regional Legislative Assembly Konstantin Gozman. In 2016, he earned 80.2 million rubles.

Gozman has a house (259.5 sq. m.), three land plots (total area of ​​3600 sq. m.), a “construction” (46 sq. m.) and nine non-residential premises (total area of ​​594 sq. m.).

Four more non-residential premises (total area of ​​100 sq. m.) are in the deputy’s use.


The third place was taken by Valery Krepostnov with an income of 60 million rubles. In 2016, he was elected to the Legislative Assembly of the Kirov Region for the third time. However, a year later, he voluntarily resigned to take up the post of deputy of Kirov’s City Duma. In addition to public work, Krepostnov is engaged in business. He is the Chairman of the Board of the Foundation for Assistance to the Development of the Agro-Industrial Complex and Rural Territories.

Krepostnov declared two residential premises (69.7 and 35.2 sq. m.), a premise (19.4 sq. m.), 11 non-residential buildings (total area of ​​8797.2 sq. m.), 15 non-residential premises (total area of 867, 1 sq. m.), two buildings of concrete reinforcement (1480 and 991.5 sq. m.) and 22 land plots (with a total area of ​​30.8 ha). According to his declaration, the deputy drives a GAZ and Mercedes Benz.

Krepostnov’s wife in 2016 earned 34.9 million rubles. She owns two houses (680.7 and 360.8 sq. m.), two non-residential premises (796.2 and 54.9 sq. m.), and three land plots (total area of ​​7942 sq. m.). Of the vehicles, the parliamentarian’s spouse declared a Mercedes Benz.

The next place in the rating was taken by deputy Sergei Momtsemlidze. In 2016, he earned 24.2 million rubles. At present, in addition to work as in the Legislative Assembly, he manages the branch of the OJSC URALKhIM, one of the largest enterprises in the country for the production of mineral fertilizers.

In his declaration, Momtsemlidze indicated that he owns two apartments (99.6 and 104.7 sq. m.), a car wash (251 sq. m.) and a land plot for the car wash (701.45 sq. m.). Another apartment (123.6 sq. m.) is in use by the deputy.

At the end of 2016, the fifth place in terms of income goes to the CEO of JSC Gazprom Gas Distribution Kirov, MP Nikolai Ulko. Over the past year, he earned 17.5 million rubles. In October of 2017 Ulko died.


He owned an apartment (60.9 sq. m.), homestead land (1500 sq. m.). In use, the deputy had two apartments (113.5 and 42.5 sq. m.) and another land plot (6392 sq. m.). In 2016, Ulko’s only declared vehicle was a Mitsubishi.

Among all the husbands and wives of the officials of the Kirov Region, the wife of deputy Oleg Berezin is the richest. In 2016, she earned 40.6 million rubles, while her husband indicated only 1 million.

All the real estate in the family is owned jointly. They declared two houses (1963.2 and 312.5 sq. m.), a land plot for construction (428 sq. m.), two retail premises (123.7 and 95.9 sq. m.), a built-in cafe (213.3 sq. m.), two non-residential premises (774.1 and 796.2 sq. m.) and four plots of land for personal part-time farming (total area of 14761 sq. m.).

The governor of the region, Igor Vasiliev, earns far less than the deputies of the Kirov Legislative Assembly. In 2016, he declared the income of 3.8 million rubles. The wife of the Head of the Kirov Region earned several times more – 17.3 million rubles.

Vasiliev’s property includes a house (373.4 sq. m.), guest house (98.4 sq. m.) and two land plots (2,850 and 1,500 sq. m. respectively). The governor's wife owns another land plot (1500 sq. m.). Together with her husband in equal shares of 1/3 they own an apartment (78.6 sq. m.). Another apartment (75 sq. m.) is in the joint use of the spouses.

The Governor of the Kirov Region declared three cars: Volkswagen Touareg, GAZ 330120 and VAZ 21063. Vasiliev's wife drives a new Toyota Land Cruiser 200.

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