Rating: The Wealthiest Officials in Krasnodar Region

How rich are the officials in the second largest region of Russia?

Dmitry Sviridov took the first place in terms of revenue among officials of the central administrative office in the Krasnoyarsk Region. He is the Chairman of the local Legislative Assembly. At the time of declaring income, in 2016, he was Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Assembly and Chairman of the committee on budget and economic policy. Back then, his annual income was 99.4 million rubles.

The deputy did not declare his own property; however, he indicated two apartments (total area – 125 sq. m.) that are in his use. Sviridov’s wife, who declared 21 thousand rubles of annual income, in fact owns more property.


She has two land plots (total area – 2,000 sq. m.), a garage and two non-residential premises (total area – ​​50 sq. m.). According to the declaration, Sviridov himself does not have any vehicles, but his wife has two cars: Jeep Grand Cherokee and Mercedes GLK 220 CDI.

Before he became a deputy, Dmitry Sviridov had worked at PJSC Mining and Metallurgical Company Norilsk Nickel. Until 2016, he was deputy director of the Polar Division and director of the Krasnoyarsk office of the company at the same time.

The second place is taken by deputy of the Legislative Assembly, Artur Mkrtchyan, who declared an income of 76.8 million rubles. He is a member of the committee on natural resources and environment. Mkrtchyan is the CEO and co-owner of Trade House Port Arthur LLC. He owns two private security agencies and diversified limited liability companies – Kanskaya Food Company, Akhuryan, Phoenix, Stroiindustriya, Auto Service Plus and House Management.

The deputy has an extensive list of properties: 14 land plots (total area – 887,037 sq. m.), a dwelling house (367 sq. m.), 28 non-residential buildings (33,428 sq. m.), 29 non-residential premises (16,249 sq. m.), an industrial structure (984 sq. m.), and also four facilities for unknown purpose.

Also, Artur Mkrtchyan owns 11 11 vehicles: a van 172413, GAZ 2747, Mazda Titan, TGz KJ Tager, GAZ M-20, Lexus LS600H, KAMAZ 346392D, VAZ 2346, KAMAZ 65115, Daewoo Novus and GAZ 53.

In addition, he owns a motorcycle Desna 200, a waverunner RXP-X 260RS and two snow and swamp-going vehicles – Polaris and Ski-Doo. He also has special vehicles – a mini loader Bobcat S175, a backhoe loader Cat 434F, a rink Hitachi RC45W-3 and several trailer-cisterns.

The wife of the official declared 2.7 million rubles of income. She owns an apartment (107 sq. m.) and another facility (58 sq. m.). She has three cars – Land Rover Range Rover, Citroen Jumpy and Citroen Berlingo.


The next official in our rating is Vladimir Reingardt, a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Krasnoyarsk Region. He is also a member of the committees on transport and communications, industrial policy, natural resource and environment. In addition, he holds the post of the head of the Krasnoyarsk railway – a branch of the Russian Railways. In 2016, Reingardt declared 64.9 million rubles, and his wife – 2.3 million rubles.

The deputy owns an dwelling house (333.8 sq. m.), apartment (114 sq. m.), garage (29.3 sq. m.), two land plots (1,437 and 1,154.77 sq. m. respectively) and a ½ share in a parking space (41.2 sq. m.).

Reingardt’s wife declared an apartment (56.9 sq. m.) and a non-residential facility (104 sq. m.). In addition, the family has a common property. Together, they own equal shares in two apartments (144.9 and 120 sq. m.).

The list of the parliamentarian’s vehicles includes a Land Cruiser 76, a truck UAZ 22069-6WD, a tractor Belorussia 82.1, trailers MZAA 81771A, 817715, and a motorboat Kazanka BM4. His wife drives a BMW-320.

The fourth place is taken by another deputy of the Krasnoyarsk Region’s Legislative Assembly – Alexander Boichenko. He is also the CEO of OJSC Kanskaya Tobacco Factory. In 2016, the official declared 25.8 million rubles, and his wife – 4.1 million rubles.

Despite such a high income, the CEO-deputy has no real estate property. He only has an apartment (157.2 sq. m.) in use, but his wife owns a lot of real estate.

She has declared three apartments (157.2, 53.3, 60.9 sq. m. respectively), three residential buildings on garden land plots (42.8, 27, 136 sq. m. respectively), three land plots (828.6, 23.58.4 sq. m.) and a garage (43.1 sq. m.).

The deputy apparently uses only water-borne vehicles. He did not declare a single car, but indicated three motor boats (Zodiac, Zodiac MK5HD and Crimea), as well as a boat Khivus-10. In addition, the deputy owns five passenger car trailers. Boichenko’s wife declared a Mercedes-Benz.


The fifth place is occupied by the acting governor of the Krasnoyarsk Region, Alexander Uss. He took up this post in late September of the year 2017. At the time of declaring income in 2016, Uss worked as Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Krasnoyarsk Region. He combines his high positions in the leadership of the region with the ownership of the company called Central LLC. The firm is involved in the rental and management of real estate.

In 2016, the future Acting Governor earned 24.5 million rubles. His wife got a little less – 23.8 million rubles. Thus, she became the wealthiest wife among all the other spouses of the Krasnoyarsk officials.

Uss owns two houses (324.2 and 53 sq. m.), three country houses (308, 65 and 78 sq. m.), an unfinished residential complex (900 sq. m.), business structure (114 sq. m.) and four land plots (22.5 hectares).

His wife also owns a lot of real estate. She declared a house (162 sq. m.), three apartments (138.6, 95.8, 43.6 sq. m.), a sauna(24 sq. m.), non-residential building (920.9 sq. m.), three non-residential premises (956.7 sq. m.), a garage-box (40.7 sq. m.), garage (24 sq. m.), two parking spaces (13.5 sq. m. each) and three plots of land (7.6 hectares).

The acting head of the region, in 2016, declared a Land Rover Range Rover. His wife owns a Lexus GS 300 and Land Rover Range Rover, trailer LAB-81017, motor boat Cilver and a small vessel Cilverado.

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