The Wealthiest Officials in Rostov Region

Buses and railways in declarations of Rostov deputies’ wives seems to be an regular thing

The richest officials in the central authorities of the Rostov Region are mostly the deputies of the Legislative Assembly. The highest income in 2016 was declared by Vladimir Cherkezov – 255.7 million rubles. He is a member of the committee on agrarian policy, food, environmental management and land relations. Cherkezov combines his post in the Legislative Assembly with the post of a CEO of CJSC Kirovsky Konny Zavod (Kirov Stud Farm).

The deputies real estate property includes a 1/1353 share of a land plot for agriculture (area – 23 331 208 sq. m.), the same plot as a whole (area – 13,774,000 sq. m.), ½ of a     personal plot of land adjoining a farm house (911 sq. m.) and another private plot (1,703 sq. m.). The deputy owns half of two residential houses (their total area is 654 sq. M) and an apartment (78 sq. m.).


His spouse declared 3.9 million rubles of income. She owns a 1/1353 share of an agricultural plot of 23 331 208 sq. m., half a house of ​​549 sq. m., an apartment (119 sq. m.) and a garage. According to the declaration, the family does not own any personal vehicles.

The second place in terms of the declared income goes to deputy of the Legislative Assembly Artashes Arutyunyants. He is involved in the work of two committees: on legislation, state construction, law and order, and the one on economic policy, industry, entrepreneurship, investment and foreign economic relations. Together with this, he holds the post of a CEO of the investment company Yuzhny Capital (Southern Capital).

The income of Arutyunyants in 2016 amounted to 206.4 million rubles. The deputy owns a plot of land (100 sq. m.) and an apartment (368 sq. m.). He also has an extensive list of trading properties. He owns 1/3 of two sites for market construction (total area – 21,900 sq. m.) and 1/3 of a plot for warehouses (1,505 sq. m.). He has the same shares are in three awnings (total area – 11,506 sq. m.), a building (85 sq. m.), two pavilions (941 sq. m. and 919 sq. m.), non-residential building (73 sq. m.), four walk-through buildings, shopping pavilion (562 sq. m.), administrative building (91 sq. m.) and other buildings.

Arutyunyants’ wife indicated 41.7 thousand rubles of income in her declaration. She owns two summer cottages (total area – 2 450 sq. m.), two apartments (182 sq. m.), and ½ of a parking lot (64 sq. m.). Unlike her husband, she declared a vehicle –a Land Rover Range Rover Evoque.

The third place among the richest deputies is occupied by Yury Potogin, a member of the committee for construction, housing and utilities, energy, transport and communications. His annual income amounted to 57.5 million rubles. At the same time, he works as the CEO of Production and Construction Enterprise Zhilstroy LLC.


He owns four plots of land for residential construction (total area – 2,730 sq. m.) and five agricultural land plots (5,680,149 sq. m.). The list of his property also includes a half of a dwelling house (335 sq. m.) and two apartments (total area - 89 sq. m.).

Yuri Potogin rents nine more agricultural plots (their total area is 31,613,596 sq. m.). The deputy also has a garage in his use. He owns a Lexus LX 570, three tractors (Kirovets K-744 RZ, K-701, Kirovets K-3180 ATM) and two combines (РСМ-142 Akros-580 and Akros-530).

The income of Potogin’s wife was 976 thousand rubles. She owns an apartment (118 sq. m.), a half of a dwelling house (335 sq. m.) and half of a land plot (1,000 sq. m.). She drives a Mazda CX-5.

Another deputy of the Rostov Legislative Assembly, Vladimir Boldin, indicated 35.7 million rubles of income in his declaration. He is also involved in two committees – on agrarian policy, food, nature management and land relations, as well as on local self-government, administrative-territorial structure and Cossacks affairs. He combines deputy powers with the position of a CEO in Altair CM LLC.

Boldin owns a dwelling house (132 sq. m.), two apartments (total area – ​​112 sq. m.), as well as a plot for housing construction (1,267 sq. m.) and 88 agricultural land plots (total area – 36,342,500 sq. m.). Boldin also indicated a VAZ 2107 passenger car and a GAZ-SAZ 3507 truck in his declaration.

The wife of the official declared 677 thousand rubles. She owns a dwelling house (356 sq. m.), apartment (35 sq. m.) and production premises – workshops, experimental facilities, hangars, warehouses and a railway track. She owns two trucks (Isuzu and Man), a T-150K tractor, a Kais AF 6130 combine harvester and a PAZ 3205 bus.

Sergei Ryzenko closes the top five with the most “expensive” declarations. He is the CEO of the Confectionary Factory Mishkino, as well as a member of the committee on economic policy, industry, entrepreneurship, investments and foreign economic relations and the committee for social policy, labor, health and inter-parliamentary cooperation. In 2016, the deputy declared 31.8 million rubles of income.


Ryzenko’s list of property includes an agricultural land plot (69,551 sq. m.), two plots for housing construction (total area – 4,788 sq. m.), two houses (1,291 sq. m.) and four cars – VAZ-2113 , Porsche Cayenne, Land Rover Range Rover, Subaru Forester. The income of Ryzenko’s wife is 432 thousand rubles. She has an apartment (117 sq. m.), share in an underground car park and a Bentley Continental.

Governor of the Rostov Region Vasily Golubev declared 6.9 million rubles in income. He owns a land plot (1670 sq. m.) and two residential houses (total area – 478 sq. m.). Another residential building (476 sq. m.), a summer kitchen (27 sq. m.) and two plots of land (total area – ​​2,570 sq. m.) are in his use.

His wife Olga Golubeva accumulated a lot more for the past year: her official income was 63.7 million rubles. The declaration states that this amount includes income from the sale of real estate. Golubeva’s property includes three plots of land. These are two sites with a total area of ​​7,680 sq. m. and a half of a plot of 10 096 sq. m. In addition, she owns three residential buildings (total area – 720 sq. m.), ½ of a non-residential building (6,150 sq. m.) and an Audi Q5.

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