The World's 50 Most Valuable Sports Teams

The economics of sports teams - how much do famous brands cost?

Every manager of a sports team initially dreams of one thing: to create a franchise capable of winning the championship title from year to year. 

However, as in any business, on the way to the goal one will have to meet a lot of difficulties: in most leagues there are up to 30 teams, and only one gets the title of champion. In the face of such fierce competition, any decision becomes crucial - one mistake can spoil everything.

Club owners have similar problems. However, everything is a bit more complicated here: they need not just a successful team, they need a brand, a franchise that can bring money in the long term. For this one has to think not only about the victories - one must not forget about the sales of the merchandise with the symbols of the team, sponsorship, expenses and much more. They need to understand how to make "saleable" even the team that lost most of the games.

Xenia Palchun translated infographics compiled by Visual Capitalist website. In today's top we use the data of the magazine Forbes.


What makes a team "saleable"?

Teams with incomes of billions of dollars do not appear out of nowhere. This is shown by the example of Dallas Cowboys or Manchester United. Their success was formed from a combination of factors: market size, love of fans, the state of the economy in this sport, profits, rich history, success in competitions and many, many more.

Visual Capitalist made the top-10 most "valuable" sports teams, and also analyzed how they have changed since 2010.


Factors affecting the "value" of the teams:

Market size:

The most successful markets are New York and Los Angeles, despite the fact that there are not so many championships there. In these cities there is a huge number of fans, so it is there that you can get millions of dollars of sponsorship or successfully sell the rights to publish exclusives in the media.

Recent success:

The Patriots have since 2000 seven times been in the Super Bowl, which made their franchise one of the most "valuable" in the world.

Recent setbacks:

The Redskins did not win the series of playoffs since 2005 and, as a result, in 2017, the top 10 of the most "sold" teams disappeared.

History of the team:

It is not so important that Manchester United in recent years have not won the English Premier League - the rich history of the club speaks for itself. Or The Yankees: even though the last couple of years they played pretty average, the fans know - the golden period will return.

The state of the economy in this sport:

Why are so many teams of the National Football League (NFL) in the top 50? The football economy is perfectly arranged, which affects the "value" of the teams themselves.

World fame:

What is unique in Manchester United, The Yankees or The Patriots? You can see people dressed in clothes with the symbols of these teams around the world. They have access to the international market, and, therefore, access to big money.

Championships and the "cost" of the team:

Obviously, the victory increases the "value" of the team - but how important is it really? Consider how the "value" of the steadily successful team has changed in recent years. For example, The Golden State Warriors, New England Patriots, and Chicago Blackhawks.

Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors is an American basketball club from California. Thanks to the previous success, the franchise The Warriors stands at 622% more than in 2010. The team reached the final in every championship for the last three years and twice won the Larry O'Brien cup.


New England Patriots

New England Patriots - a club for American football from the state of Massachusetts. Like other perennial champions, New England Patriots has many ill-wishers. The owner of the team, Robert Craft, does not care - for today the New England Patriots are worth $ 3.4 billion, which is 150% more than in 2010.


Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago Blackhawks is an American hockey club from Chicago. Despite the rich history, in 2000 the company was going through difficult times. Everything changed in 2006-2007, when they signed a contract with Jonathan Toes and Patrick Kane - this was followed by 3 victories in the Stanley Cups.

The series of victories always play an important role, and participation in the championships puts the team in a higher price category. This helps build the brand's history, attract fans and gain weight in the international arena.


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