• 12 October 2017
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Roskomnadzor press secretary denies fraud charges

Roskomnadzor press secretary Vadim Ampelonsky accused of fraud did not agree with any of the charges, his lawyer Igor Pegov told TASS.

The counselor added that he believes the charges are exaggerated. "There's nothing criminal about it. Our client is not involved in the matter in any way either," he said.

Pegov refused to comment on the story of the case citing the nondisclosure agreement. In an interview with Mediazona he stressed that Ampelonsky was never officially charged.

"We analyzed the situation thoroughly, very carefully and objectively, and came to the conclusion that he had committed no crime," said Alexei Bolshakov, the lawyer representing Boris Yedidin, the head of Roskomnadzor legal department.

Ampelonsky, Yedidin and the head of Roskomnadzor Central Office Alexander Veselchakov are prosecuted in a fraud case (part 4 of Art. 159). Today it was reported that all the persons of interest had been placed under house arrest until November 7. Ampelonsky’s lawyers appealed the verdict.

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