• 7 December 2017
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State Duma Committee decides not to unseat Russia’s richest deputy

The State Duma's Income Control Committee is not going to unseat the United Russia deputy Andrei Palkin, RBC was told by two Committee members and a source close to the party leadership.

The Committee is going to gather on December 8. RBC sources believe that Palkin will be reprimanded.

The Prosecutor General's Office asked the State Duma to run a background check and see if Palkin lodged parliamentary questions in personal interests. For instance, he lodged an inquiry because Opora-M had failed to pay about 4 million rubles for bricks to Palkin’s enterprise Kotlassky Zavod Silikatnogo Kirpicha (Kotlas Silicate Brick Plant). Despite the court ordered the failing Opora-M to pay the money with interest, Palkin filed a complaint about the enterprise with the prosecutor's office, which found the complaint illegal. Palkin claims that he asked for an inquiry into a theft of budget funds in his request.

The Office was concerned with the fact that Palkin remained the plant founder while also being a deputy. The deputy’s son Pavel is now listed as the founder.

Besides, the deputy asked to provide him with information about all the companies engaged in construction in the town of Kotlas. After he was denied as it was a tax secret, the deputy filed a complaint against the head of the interdistrict Federal Tax Service number 1 for the Arkhangelsk region and the Nenets Autonomous District. According to RBC, the total number of questions Palkin lodged stands at 27.

According to income declarations, Andrei Palkin is the richest deputy of the State Duma. He made 678 million rubles ($11.4m) in 2016 alone.

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