• 26 June 2017
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Theater directors ask court to free Gogol Center ex-head

The Board of the Guild of Theater Managers has written an open letter to the Moscow City Court asking to change the verdict for Aleksey Malobrodsky, the former Gogol Center director and Seventh Studio producer. The appeal can be found on the official website.

The letter was signed by nine members of the Guild's board, including its president and Satyricon director Anatoly Polyakin.

The authors of the appeal consider Malobrodsky's arrest unfounded and ask the Moscow City Court to reconsider the decision of the Presnensky District Court: "We are ready to vouch that A. A. Malobrodsky will regularly appear at the summons of the investigative and judicial bodies during the entire period of the preliminary investigation, and is not going to obstruct the proceedings in any way ".

On June 21, the court arrested Malobrodsky on charges of embezzling 200 million rubles ($3.4m). The investigation believes that part of the budget allocated to the Seventh Studio’s

Platforma project for the production of Midsummer Night's Dream play was spent otherwise.

"The performance has been made a number of times, and has been seen by thousands of people. <...> The claims that there has been no play, and that no money has been spent on it are not true, to put it mildly," Aleksey Malobrodsky said.

At the end of May, searches were carried out at Gogol Center and in the apartment of Kirill Serebrennikov, the Theater Director. As part of the investigation, Seventh Studio former director Yuri Itin was placed under house arrest and ex-chief accountant Nina Maslyaeva  gave confessions; she is now in custody.

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