• 14 November 2017
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US Justice Dept. to see if Clinton Foundation linked to Russian Rosatom

The US Justice Department is going to check if the Clinton Foundation is involved in the sale of the Canadian Uranium One to Atomredmetzoloto (ARMZ), a subsidiary of the Russian Rosatom, The New York Times wrote citing the Department's letter to the Legal Committee of the US Congress.

The findings will determine whether further investigation is needed.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump expressed his regret that the Justice Department was not investigating the deal. The New York Times believes the Department's letter to be the response to the president's statement.

In 2009, ARMZ got a 16.6% stake in Uranium One. In 2013, the Rosatom subsidiary consolidated the Canadian company. Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State in the Obama administration at that time and the State Department is responsible for approving this kind of transactions. The US suspects that the Clinton family could have assisted Rosatom for some donations to Clinton Foundation, but no evidence has been found.

The Committee on Oversight in the United States House of Representatives started investigating the deal on October 23, following the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Russiangate featured a detailed story about the Rosatom corruption case in October.

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