Bling Ring: The Federal Regions’ Wealthiest Envoys

Russiangate analyzed the reported income of presidential envoys in the Federal Districts  


The most profitable of all the envoys last year turned out to be Yuri Trutnev, from the Far Eastern Federal Region, whose annual income was 356.9 million rubles (in 2015 he reported 153.8 million rubles) and his wife’s was 834 thousand rubles.

Together with his wife, Yuri Trutnev owns a large plot of land (3742 sq.m), two homes (170.8 and 345.6 sq.m), two non-residential buildings (18.3 and 1952.2 sq.m respectively) and a technical building (23.1 square meters). All of this real estate and land are also used by their son and two daughters.

From 2000 to 2004, Yuri Trutnev participated in the Russian Cup car rally, where he drove a modified Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. He and his wife also own a BMW X6, Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes-Benz ML-class and Nissan Patrol, as well as Polaris ATV, Bombardier INC snowmobile and Tiki -Treiler X300L trailer.


Another successful envoy, Vladimir Ustinov, who is the envoy from the Southern Federal Region, has increased his income over the past several years. In 2016 he reported earnings of 11 million rubles and his wife 174 thousand rubles. During his first year as an envoy (Ustinov was appointed to the position in 2008), his annual income comprised only 4.4 million rubles.

Ustinov, the ex-son-in-law of Igor Sechin, a close ally and "de facto deputy" of Vlaidimir Putin, reported owning six plots of land (409, 1443, 3698, 3722, 5000 and 6294 sq. m.), three residential houses (58.4 sq. M., 908.4 and 1032 sq. m.) and one apartment (148.2 sq. m.). The official owns a car parking place (10.9 sq. m.) and a garage (139.4 sq. m.). His spouse owns two land plots (1245 sq. m. and 1710 sq. m.), a residential house (335.5 sq. m.) and a garage (239.3 sq. m.).

In addition, Ustinov owns a Mercedes-Benz C-class, Land Rover Range Rover Sport, and a Java 350 motorcycle. His wife owns a Chrysler PT Cruiser.

Oleg Belaventsev, a friend of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, is envoy to the North Caucasus Federal District and is also among the top three wealthiest envoys. In 2016, the official reported 9.1 million rubles in income (in 2015, he declared 8 million rubles), and the annual income of his wife was 60 thousand rubles.

Since 2012, Oleg Belaventsev headed JSC “Slavyanka” (a subsidiary of the Defense Ministry), in 2014 he became an envoy of the Russian president in the Crimean Federal District. On July 28, 2016, the district was abolished and absorbed by the Southern Federal District. Since then, Belaventsev has been working as an ambassador in the Northern Caucasus Federal District.


In 2016, Belaventsev reported two apartments (98 and 99.7 sq. m.) and a residential house (148.7 sq. m.). His wife owns three plots of land (600, 600 and 880 sq. m.), a residential house (314.8 sq. m.) and two apartments (59 and 98 sq. m.). She also owns a dacha (150 square meters) and a non-residential premises (130.9 sq. m.). Belaventsev reported no ownership of any cars. His wife has a Toyota Camry.


The envoy to the Ural Federal District, Igor Kholmanskikh, reported income of 7.5 million rubles and his wife 376 thousand rubles.

In 2012, when Igor Kholmanskikh became an envoy, he was working as the head of the assembly shop for JSC Scientific and Production Corporation Uralvagonzavod in the Sverdlovsk oblast. His life changed after a teleconference with President Vladimir Putin in December 2011, when Igor Kholmanskikh offered to personally handle protesting Russians.

"If our militia, or as it is called now, the police, does not know how to do their job, I and the other men are ready to go out and defend our stability, but, of course, within the framework of the law," Kholmanskikh suggested to the president. In May 2012, Vladimir Putin offered Igor Kholmanskikh to become his envoy for the Ural Federal District.

In 2016 Kholmanskikh together with his wife and daughter reported owning a residential house (433.3 sq. m.) and two apartments (101.4 and 113.5 sq. m.). He also has a 50% share of an apartment (42.4 sq. m.), a garage (24.3 sq. m.) and a non-residential premises (14.7 sq. m.). In addition, his wife owns a quarter share of an apartment (​​62.7 sq. m.).

The Kholmanskikh reported not owning any vehicles, while his wife owns a Toyota Highlander.

Alexander Beglov is an envoy to the Central Federal District and comes in at fifth on the top wealthiest list. In 2016, Beglov reported income of 6.8 million rubles, while his wife Natalia (Chairman of the Committee dealing with Civil Registry Office issues for the Saint-Petersburg Administration) earned 2.7 million rubles.


Furthermore, Beglov declared three land plots (22, 1500 and 1600 sq. m.), an apartment (152.4 sq. m.) and a half of a destroyed residential house (50% share of 120.6 sq. m.).

His spouse Natalia also owns three land plots (23, 988 and 1201 sq. m., respectively) and she owns a 50% share of a land plot (518 sq. m.). Natalia owns a residential house (61.8 sq. m.), a 50% share in a different house (​​242.7 sq. m.) and three apartments (35 sq.m, 56.9 and 106.7 sq. m.). Additionally, Natalia owns a parking place and a garage (18 and 20,6 sq. m.) and a Mercedes-Benz E-class. Alexander Beglov does not own any motor vehicles.

According to official data, three envoys were at the bottom of the list: Siberian Federal District envoy Sergei Menyailo, who reported 6,7 million rubles (his wife earned 56 thous. rubles), Volga Federal District envoy Mikhail Babich reported 6.4 million rubles (he did not report any spousal income) and North Western Federal District envoy Nikolai Tsukanov reported 4.4 million rubles (his wife earned 12.5 million rubles).

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