How the capital’s bosses make their capitals

Who is the most affluent member of the Moscow city government?

The richest official in the Moscow city government in 2016 was the head of International department Sergei Cheremin, with the income of 94.9 mln rub declared. In 2015, his income was 89.9 mln rub.

The official owns six dachas (15,000 m2), townhouse (413 m2), dacha (514 m2), two apartments (250 m2). His underage child uses an apartment and a house (425.8 m2) in Israel.

Cheremin owns Mercedes 500 С-221, Mercedes S 400 4Matic and Lexus LX 570.

The second position, by a huge margin, has been taken by the head of Educational dept Isaac Kalina (9.6 mln rub). He owns an apartment (98 m2). His wife earned 1.2 mln rub.

Head of the Economic dept (since February) Vladimir Efimov declared income of 7.7 mln rub in 2016, when he was the head of the Property dept.

Head of the Culture dept Alexander Kibovsky declared the same income and his wife earned 2.1 mln rub. Kibovsky owns two apartments, a house and a dacha. His wife owns two more apartments. Another apartment Kibovsky and his underage child have been renting.

Deputy mayor Leonid Pechatnikov earned 6.9 mln rub. He owns a parking space and rents a 50-sq-m apartment.

Another deputy mayor Petr Biryukov earned the same sum and his wide declared 13.8 mln rub. Biryukov owns a land plot (1500 m2), a countryside house and an apartment. His wife owns a land plot (2500 m2), Daimler-Benz retro car and Yamaha snowmobile.

Head of the Transportation dept Maxim Liskutov earned 6.8 mln rub. In 2013, the Forbes listed him as 157th richest man in Russia.

Liskutov owns three land plots, a house, an apartment, two parking slots and non-residential premises. His two underage children use one more apartment. The official owns Lexus LX 570, Mercedes-Benz CL 550, Mercedes-Benz G55AMG) and five motorbikes.

Head of the Labor dept Vladimir Petrosyan earned 6.5 mln rub. He owns an apartment, and his wife (3.4 mln rub) owns a land plot and a house. She also rents one more land plot and apartment. The family declared no vehicles.

Deputy mayor Marat Khusnullin declared 6.5 mln rub. He owns a share in the apartment, two houses, two land plots. He also rents one more house and apartment.

His wife declared income of 4.8 mln rub, a land plot, apartment and a Mercedes-Benz V250 Bluetec.

Mayor Sergei Sobyanin declared 6.4 mln rub in 2016.


The richest spouse of the city officials has been the wife of the business ombudsman Mikhail Vyshegorodtsev, who declared 25 mln rub, while her husband earned 3.4 mln. She owns six land plots (12,856 m2), a house, two apartments, a parking space and a Mercedes-Benz V250 Bluetec.

First deputy head of the Mayor administration Alexander Chernyshov earned 26.9 mln rub. He owns a land plot, house, apartment and three parking spaces but has no cars.

An official in the city administration Pavel Chinilin earned 12.7 mln rub. He has been hard on heels by a deputy head of administration Natalia Katayeva, who has earned 10 mln rub.

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