Investment "Prihvatizatsiya" by Sergei Matvienko. Part 2

How the son of the Chairman of the Federation Council seized very expensive property in St. Petersburg for a penny. The second part of the investigation

Russiangate continues real estate revision of Sergei Matvienko. The former governor of St. Petersburg, and now the Chairman of the Federation Council, Valentina Matvienko, leased “tidbits” to companies associated with her son. After 10 years, most of them ended up in his own hands of their own – St. Petersburg lost property worth 8.4 billion rubles. This time we will focus on the center of the city and Kronstadt.

Russiangate counted nine resolutions of the ex-governor of St. Petersburg, and now the Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko, thanks to which private companies have leased city property. The city administration hoped that entrepreneurs would build hotel complexes. The entrepreneur in this case is Sergei Matvienko, the son of the then governor of St. Petersburg.

In 10 years, the investor became the owner of urban real estate. In the first part of the investigation, we talked about a piece of land on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. To give it to her son, Matvienko, in fact, erased the pond from the official documents. The mansion of Vollenweider on the Kamenny Island, together with the land, as well as the another historic building not far from it, made their way from an investment object to private property. The mansion belongs to the company of Matvienko’s the father-in-law, and the second building is owned by the billionaire’s personal company.


Exactly at the Blagoveschensky Bridge, there is a pink building – a rental house of the writer Vonlyarlyarsky. Its facade is decorated with four caryatides – statues of women in Greek robes. They are named after the girls of the Peloponnese city of Caria. After the Greeks conquered the city, looted it and killed all the men, they took the women into slavery, arranging a whole procession in order to demonstrate the disgrace of the people who had concluded an alliance with the enemies – the Persians. Greek architects began to use the images of these women for public buildings, making them bearing structures in the building – so that other generations would remember the severity of punishment.

Sergei Matvienko does not face any punishment – on papers he “seized” this building in a proper manner.

Part of the premises located in the house of writer Vonlyarlyarsky on the Truda Square became the property of Axiom LLC in November 2012. The founder of the company is the same Alexander Zaitsev, the owner of Business-Invest LLC and the full namesake of his father-in-law.

Zaytsev owns almost the whole house: for the complete set, he lacks 1,044 sq. m. This area is owned by entrepreneurs Vyacheslav Lesnik and Lyudmila Knyaginina, who sell souvenirs. The remaining 4028 sq. m. belong to the company of Matvienko’s father-in-law. The approximate cost of this area on the market is 500 million rubles.

Since March 2017, the premises have been rented by the branch of Sibur LLC, the managing company of the Tobolsk PJSC Sibur Holding. The latter specializes in supplies for oil and gas monopolies; the volume of state contracts concluded exceeds 12.5 billion rubles.

House of Vonlyarlyarsky on the Truda Square

The land on which the object of cultural heritage is located, is still in the ownership of St. Petersburg. In June 2010, the city government leased it to Axiom LLC to build a hotel and an office center. First, the land was given for 35 months, and in 2013, the lease was prolonged until 2061.

In addition, to spend 11.9 million rubles for the reconstruction of the building, Axiom was to transfer to the city budget 86.8 million rubles for the first 35 months. The cadastral value of Vonyarlyarsky’s house and the land underneath it is 243.8 million rubles. The investor received a 60% discount – 145 million rubles. The extended investment agreement is not available on the government website.

The decree signed by Valentina Matvienko says: the investor is allowed to the facility, provided that the subject of security of the building and the right of possession / use are not changed. The last one was changed. It turns out that on the Truda Square, officials of the current administration failed to follow Valentina Matvienko’s instructions. Violation of the terms of the investment contract must be punished in accordance with the Civil Code. But it seems that no one called Matvienko Junior in court.


The building of the Board of Trustees, also known as the palace of Quarenghi in the very beginning of Kazanskaya Street was transferred to Babylon LLC on October 17, 2012. The four-storey building (9648 sq. m.) was put into operation in 1808, it is one of the monuments of history and culture of local importance. Now, according to the documents, there is a “hotel-office center”. The cadastral value of the property is 204.6 million rubles. The market value, however, can be much higher - 1.7 billion rubles.

Since November, Babylon not only leases out premises to private companies, but also does not forget about the family business: Julia Matvienko, the wife of Sergei Matvienko, opened her clothing store in this building. However, in the Rosreestr's extracts her company is not listed among the tenants.

Photo from Julia Matvienko’s Instagram

On January 17, 2014, Babylon privatized a land plot on the Kazanskaya St. (4,635 sq. m.). The type of permitted use – for hotel development. The cadastral value of the land is 182 million rubles; the market value of the plot can reach up to 1 billion rubles.

Babylon has only one founder, and his name is Sergei Matvienko.

In March 2017, Matvienko sold the Board of Trustees. The publication Delovoy Peterburg wrote that the new owner was the firm of the former guard of the company Imperia SPB +. The company is close to the Imperia holding, which belongs... to Sergei Matvienko.

The house on the Kazanskaya St.

How did this huge building in the center of St. Petersburg end up in the possession of the Federation Council Charmian’s son? In 2009, Valentina Matvienko rented this site on the Kazansakaya St. to Babylon. She hoped that the company will build a “hotel-office center” there. Under the investment agreement, entrepreneurs had to pay 250 million rubles for a three year rent. As in other cases, the lease was extended by 49 years.

It turns out that before buying the building, Babylon could transfer 333 million rubles, plus 12.2 million rubles for the renovation of the building to the city budget. This amount is approximately eight times less than the market price. The investment agreement also prohibited any transfer of property rights. Vice-Governor Alexander Vakhmistrov was responsible for the execution of the contract.

In fact, the Board of Trustees was leased to the structures of Sergei Matvienko even earlier. In 2008, Valentina Matviyenko ordered to conclude an investment agreement with another company of her son – CJSC Paramet. For 36 months, entrepreneurs had to adapt the building for a hotel and office center. Then, the amount that the company was to transfer to the budget for rent was higher – 667 million rubles.


The fate of the land under the house of architect Andrei Baibakov on the Zhukovskogo St. was not easy. In 2007, Governor Valentina Matvienko leased this plot of 903 sq. m. to Megastroy LTD. She wanted a hotel complex to be built there, too. The lease contract was valid until 2010, and then the works were extended until 2012. The investor was to transfer 28 million rubles to the budget.

When the time came to put the restored house in operation, certain difficulties emerged. It turned out that the investor attached a wing to the building. Because of this, the relevant authorities refused to sign the acceptance certificate four times. But by 2015, the wind has changed: the work of Megastroy LTD was accepted. After that, the house of Baibakov was immediately transferred to the ownership of the commercial structure. The cadastral value of the building is estimated at 33.9 million rubles, and the market price may be about 300-400 million rubles.


The house on the Zhukovskogo St., which also ended up in Matvienko’s ownership

Since the summer of 2016, Megastroy LTD, through the court, tries to make the Property Relations Committee (KIO) to conclude a new lease of the land plot on the Zhukovskogo St. The old lease agreement expired in March 2012. Smolny motivates its refusal by the fact that there is an outbuilding on it, whose owner is unknown. During the proceedings, the wing was removed from the register.

At the hearings, apparently, the experts of the KIO have showed the entrepreneurs how to get out of the tricky situation: it is necessary to split the plot under the historic building into two parts. Then, the company will be able to occupy the desired land. On January 22, 2018, the case was considered at the cassation instance. In theory, after obtaining the site for rent, Megastroy LTD can privatize it, as their house is already on the territory.

However, Sergei Matvienko sold the shares of Megastroy LTD. Since April 2015, Igor Udohenko and Alexander Chernega own the company.


The house of merchant A.F. Junker ended up in the ownership of CJSC Parametr in August 2010. In June 2011, the company privatized the land (1065 sq. m.) under it. The cadastral value of the two real estate items is estimated at 130.5 million rubles, whereas the market value may be about 400 million rubles.

Matvienko’s property on the Bolshoy Avenue of the Vasilievsky Island, Google

It would not have happened, if in October 2008, the City Administration did not sign the investment agreement with Parameter. It was planned that the object of cultural heritage would be adapted for the hotel and office center.

Entrepreneurs were given access to the building on the Bolshoy Avenue of the Vasilievsky Island. The initial term of the lease was 25 months, for which it was necessary to transfer 60.4 million rubles to the budget. The investment contract states that the rights of possession and use cannot be changed. But the building was transferred to the private ownership in 21 months from the date of signing the investment agreement.

It is not hard to guess that governor Valentina Matvienko decided to give the building to the company, and the only owner of Parametr was Sergei Matvienko’s Imperia.


In 2008, Gorod Masterov (City of Masters) LLC got a 49-year lease for a former filter-and-ozone station through the city's designated purpose. It was planned that a center of contemporary art with a hotel, restaurants, a concert hall, workshops and exhibition halls would appear in the house of the station’s director. The cost of the cultural cluster was estimated at 1.5 billion rubles.

City of Masters LLC was a part of Sergei Matvienko’s Imperia holding. The lease contract was terminated in September 2014 by the decision of the Arbitration Court – the company owed the rent.

The former filter-and-ozone station, is another “seizure” project made possible through Matvienko’s investment schemes

But in August 2013, Smolny concluded a new lease agreement for the same premises. The deal was made with another company owned by the billionaire – Aurora LLC. According to Rosreestr, the filter station is still rented – the contract is valid until March 31, 2057. The land plot below it is also in the ownership of the city, as follows from the relevant extracts.

However, on September 15, 2017, KIO issued an order to sell the site and buildings; the document was signed by Deputy Chairman Alexander German. Aurora must transfer 93.4 million rubles for everything to the city budget. Yet another profitable acquisition: the market value of the real estate on the Bolshoy Avenue of the Vasilyevsky Island can be 150-200 million rubles. However, the Smolny officials state that buildings and land are valued correctly.

A six-story building may appear on this site, the publication Kanoner wrote. Even in spite of the fact that the complex of the filter station buildings is included in the list of objects of cultural heritage of St. Petersburg.


On June 26, 2017, Sergei Matvienko’s list of property got a new item in it – a plot of 2.1 hectares in Kronstadt on the Tulonskaya Alley. It was transferred over to the namesake of the billionaire by Petrovsky Alliance LLC. The company wholly owned by Matvienko was in the process of liquidation. The commercial structure owned the site only for five months. The cadastral value of the land is 158.3 million rubles. The type of permitted use was for multi-apartment building development.

In the distant 2009, this site consisted of two. One of them of 1.5 hectares was owned by the Petrovsky Alliance. Valentina Matvienko believed that by 2015 an Interuniversity Youth Yacht Club will appear at this address. But Russiangate did not find any solemn revelations about the opening of the sports facility.

The second plot of 0.6 hectares belonged to the city. Governor Valentina Matvienko rented it all to the same Petrovsky Alliance to build storage facilities. By November 2016, the company managed to seize the promising area, simultaneously changing the type of permitted use to a more profitable one.

The company sued the city property management committee, which did not agree to sell this site for 25% of the cadastral value, that is, for 10.8 million rubles. Officials did not like the fact that the real estate items of the Petrovsky Alliance occupied only 2.4% of the territory. Smolny did not disclose on his official website for how much it sold the city property in the end.

The approximate market value of the site, which this summer became the property of Sergei Matvienko, may amount to 350 million rubles. But, most likely, the plot on the Tulonskaya Alley will not be in the billionaire's asset list for long:

Setl Group (owned by billionaire Maxim Shubarev) plans to buy the item, wrote Delovoy Peterburg in March 2017. Meanwhile, the developer rents this plot from Matvienko until June 2018.

Thus, the son of the Chairman of the Federation Council not only advantageously seized the land plot, but, apparently, will make good money on it.

Instead of a yacht club for students in Kronstadt, apartments for wealthy citizens will be built

At the end of the day, St. Petersburgers can only admire Valentina Matvienko's mother's love and care for her 44-year-old son. Ten plots of land with an area of ​​more than 23.5 hectares and nine buildings, seven of which are objects of cultural heritage, went into private ownership. Many investors have been fighting with officials for years to privatize a barn, and someone, one by one, takes over the old mansions and the shore of the Gulf of Finland.

The Matvienko family has been implemented a cunning and very successful scheme for over 10 years, according to which urban real estate for 8.4 billion rubles “swam away” from taxpayers. Apparently, it will not be possible to return it.

None of the persons mentioned in the given article agreed to comment on the real estate transactions.

The main conclusions:

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