New Year in a Desert: How Officials’ Children Spent Their Holidays

Sandboarding, fishing on islands and other New Year's entertainments of children of Russian officials


Three days ago, snow fell in the Sahara – in the last 30 years, it happened only four times. The family of the Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov could have “brought” it there. His children celebrated the New Year’s Eve there.

Denny Peskov, along with his mother – Peskov’s ex-wife Yekaterina Solotsinskaya – were in Cairo on December 31. This is evidenced by photographs on Solotsinskaya’s Instagram. Denny and his mother are posing against the backdrop of the Egyptian pyramids. Next to them, one can see Solotsinskaya’s new chosen one – Andrei Grigoriev. The media found out little about Grigoryev: he is 30 years old, and his work is connected with law enforcement agencies. 


His another son – Mika Peskov – spent his holidays in Dubai. The photographs on his Instagram show the skyscrapers of the UAE capital. Together with him, the daughter of Tatiana Navka from the first marriage with Alexander Zhulin was present. She posted a video of her sandboarding on the sand dunes on Instagram. The photos from the desert with the geo-tag “UAE” can also be found on Instagram of Yelizaveta Peskova, the eldest daughter of the presidential press secretary.


The youngest child of Dmitrii Peskov also spends his winter vacation abroad. Peskov’s spouse Tatyana Navka posted a photo with her daughter Nadezhda on Instagram: they are on white sand among the palms. Her subscribers wonder in the comments where the picture was taken: in Maldives, Bali, Haiti, Hawaii or in Thailand.

Apparently, Navka and her two daughters, spent their New Year holidays in the Maldives, as well as in the last year. The daughter of Navka and Alexander Zhulin posted on her Instagram a photograph of a red seaplane with black and white blades, which are offered to tourists in the Maldives.


Alina Novak, daughter of the Russian Minister of Energy, Alexander Novak, celebrated the New Year’s Eve in France. Judging by the dates of the posts on her Instagram, she was already in Europe on December 29th. The daughter of the Minister was skiing on one of the resorts in the French Alps. According to the sites with offers of ski tours, in the winter season this year, this service costs at least € 1 thousand.


The son of Sergei Chemezov, the CEO of the state corporation Rostech, who was named after his father, spent his holidays on the island of Barbados. On the video on his social networks, Sergey Chemezov, Jr. demonstrates his catch on a yacht.

Judging by the geo-tag on his Instagram, he spent his holiday in the small resort town of St. James on the west coast of the island. This place “is ahead of the most elite resorts of the Caribbean”, say tourist portals. The locals call it “the golden shore”. On the coast, there are luxurious mansions, oligarch villas and five-star hotels. And on the beaches of the resort, one can meet world famous artists, movie actors and show business stars.


The Instagram of Maria Shuvalova, the daughter of First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, is usually full of travel photos – England, Austria, Singapore, Holland, France, Indonesia and Bali. But these winter holidays she had to spend in Moscow – all the holidays, she played at the Bolshoi Theater in the ballet The Nutcracker.

However, the First Deputy Prime Minister’s corgis celebrated the New Year’s Eve properly. Their manager Rita Ermann on her Facebook page called on subscribers to watch them on New Year's Eve on NTV. The dogs did actually appear on the TV. In the New Year's show, NTV showed a corgi party – near the fireplace with watermelons and pomegranates on the festive table.

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