Papa Boss: The Daughter and the Unpaid Miners

Yachts, sports cars, the cousin of a Dubai prince, what is in store for the daughter of an oligarch.

In the Trans-Baikal Territory, at the Vershino-Darasunsky gold mine, more than 20 miners went on a hunger strike. They had not been paid their salary after their numbers were reduced. In total, about 500 people were laid off at the mine, and none of them received proper payments. The mine is owned by the millionaire Konstantin Strukov. His daughter films showing expensive things in Dubai and composes songs about his father's wealth. Mikhail Shubin briefly talks about the creative career of the girl and her life.

Life Rules

My dad is trendy, young and stylish: D&G, Audemars Piguet. He has Vertu, and he is mobile himself, because under the hood, only AMG.

He seems to originate from the Al Capone clan, steel grip, insolence, and calculation. He does not need any thrones or the crown, people like my father always have good luck ahead.

I talk a little in French, and a little in Chechen. Well, and in English. In the future I want to learn Arabic. I just have so many Chechen friends and my best friend is also a Chechen and she teaches me this language a little.

Actually, I would like to enter the Moscow State University, the Faculty of Economics, as my father. I will also be creative, one does not exclude the other.

My first million I am ready  to earn long before I turn twenty-five.
In life everything is not easy, but I want my own island.

I see myself in the world of finance. Or maybe I'll open my company like my dad.

Dad gave me a music studio in the tower "Empire" in the Moscow City, where I play piano and sing in my free time.

Probably, I will work hard, do vocals, dance. I have my own Moscow City studio. RnB, modern dances. <...> Is it possible to go there is to be asked from my producer. Or my father.

For the new year I will fly with my family to St. Moritz. There will be my friends. We probably will sit in the restaurant, with the family. This is in Switzerland. Next we will ski, snowboard, drink champagne.


Valeria Evans - her name is also Valeria Strukova, the alleged daughter of Konstantin Strukov - ranking 108th in the rating of the wealthiest people in Russia for Forbes with a fortune of $950 million. He earned his capital on gold mining.

The mines under Chita belong to him, where the collapse occurred on April 23. Two miners were killed. The preliminary version is a violation of safety procedures. This is not the first case: Miners die at Strukov mines, Russiangate already wrote about it in details.

Now ten miners went on hunger strike because of non-payment of wages: 500 people were laid off from Vershino-Darasunsky mine in Tungotchensky district of Transbaikalie. No one received final payments. LLC Darasunsky Rudnik is owned by Strukov’s JSC Yuzhuralzoloto Group of Companies.

Valeria Strukova has been doing vocal since she was five. In 2014 she entered the boarding school of College Aiglon in Switzerland. In the last academic year, the cost of education there was more than 4.5 million rubles a year.

In the group of the performer "VKontakte" it is stated that she studied at the private school near Moscow “The World of Knowledge”. Now, if you believe the geotag in her instagram, she studies at the Lomonosov private boarding school. The academic year in it costs 1.3 million rubles (148 rubles a month).

By thirteen years she managed to record her first clip - Like Diamond. A year later, there another clip of the artist will be released - Arabic. It was filmed in the spring in Dubai in the UAE, shortly after the birthday of the girl. A luxurious yacht, the nephew of Prince of Dubai (Strukova herself tells about this in an interview on Music Box - ed.) and expensive sports cars, which Strukova is driving in her clip.

The clip, she said, was produced and paid for by her dad.

In 2016, Strukova promised to release the album, but the last song recorded by the girl, to this day remains "Papa Boss". The group of the actress in social networks is not updated since November 2014.

Strukov himself categorically denies a kinship with the girl.

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