Rich Dad, Poor Dad: A Story of the Deputy PM and His Children

A plane and elite military ticket for the son, a ballet tutu and assets for the daughter

First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov has four children. Two of them have already reached full legal ageand immediately received shares of dad’s assets. Family hectares in the Moscow Region and foreign real estate are now on the “children's” accounts. Igor Shuvalov’s eldest daughter dances in the Bolshoi, and inspects the “estates” in the interim. How did Igor Shuvalov’s children get settled? Alexandrina Elagina, Sofia Savina and Mikhail Shubin found out.


Bilibino, a small village in Chukotka. It was here that the future vice-premier, lover of luxury life and mansions, Igor Shuvalov was born. The official biography does not disclose who his parents were, but after a while the family moves to Moscow.

In 1993, Shuvalov graduated from the Law Faculty of Moscow State University and starts to work as attaché in the Foreign Ministry’s Legal Department. In the same year, the petty official is introduced to businessman Alexander Mamut, who calls on him to work for him in the law office ALM-Consulting. Shuvalov is responsible of transporting cash and selling offshore companies.

Two years later, Shuvalov heads the law firm, and Mamut introduces him to Roman Abramovich, Alisher Usmanov and Oleg Boyko, who at that time were clients of ALM-Consulting. The latter made Shuvalov a partner, offering him a share in his business.

By 1997, Shuvalov became a dollar millionaire. In the same year, according to Meduza, three businessmen, to whom Shuvalov was introduced by Mamut, job him into the State Property Committee (the agency was in charge of privatizing state property). From that moment, Shuvalov's career rises rapidly.

Igor Shuvalov

A year later, he became deputy head of the State Property Committee, then, headed the Russian Federal Property Fund, and by 2000, became head of the Russian Government’s Central Office. After the conflict with Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov in 2003, Shuvalov goes to the Presidential Administration as Assistant to Vladimir Putin. There, he coordinates the working group, which worked out measures to double the GDP and eliminate poverty. These topics were central to the Federal President's message in May 2003. In 2005, Shuvalov became Putin's personal representative in the G8.

Nine years after starting his career in the public sector, in 2008, Shuvalov was appointed to the post of first deputy chairman of the Russian Government. The appointment was initiated by Dmitry Medvedev, who just entered upon the office. The first deputy chairman is entrusted to head the commission for the development of the Far East and the Baikal Regions, as well as the commission to counter the consequences of the global financial crisis.

In the following years, Deputy Prime Minister Shuvalov is engaged in priority projects. He prepares the APEC-2012 summit in Vladivostok, is responsible for the Universiade in Kazan, holds a private meeting with the heads of Russian state companies after the collapse of the ruble in December 2014. After the outbreak of the war in Ukraine and Russia's attempts to “turn to the East”, the first Deputy Prime Minister is responsible for economic ties with the countries of Asia. Until 2016, the Shuvalov coordinated the preparations for the World Football Championship, which will be held in 2018 in Russia.    


Working on the most important tasks for the country, Shuvalov did not also forget about himself. During this time, he got elite apartments, palaces, his own private jet and dogs of the Corgi breed.

By 2012, Shuvalov began to earn the most in the Government. His income for that year is 226 million rubles. His wife earned almost as much money: her income was 222 million rubles. In the same year, the Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal published materials stating that Shuvalov's family bought Gazprom’s shares worth $ 18 million in 2004. The deal was registered to the offshore fund of the official's wife.

A year later, the trade of Gazprom’s shares was liberalized; the Shuvalovs made a profit of $ 100 million. At that time, Shuvalov was an assistant to the President, and, according to sources of the publications, he could not directly lobby the decision on liberalization. Another $ 70 million the Shuvalov family earned thanks to joint deals with Usmanov's structures on the eve of the global financial crisis of 2008. Sources close to Shuvalov categorically denied the promotion of Usmanov's interests in Russia by the Vice-Premier.

In 2012, oppositionist Natalya Pelevina published photographs of Shuvalov’s Palace in the village of Zarechye near the Moscow Ring Road: 1.5 thousand sq. m. of living space, a tennis court and swimming pool, high fence and hidden in the forest.

Property of the Shuvalov family: an apartment in London, palace in Zarechye, castle in Austria, luxurious apartment on the Kotelnicheskaya Embankment in Moscow. Photo by:

Two years later, it turned out that the Shuvalov family has a house in Austria with an area of ​​1480 sq. m. For a long time, Shuvalov denied that and claimed that he was only leasing this castle. However, he later confirmed that the house was registered with a firm that belongsto his wife.

FBK found an apartment owned by Shuvalov with an area of ​​500 sq. m. in the center of London. At the same time, he purchased it from his own offshore for 688 million rubles in 2014.

Two scandals broke out around Shuvalov in July 2016. As a result of FBK's investigation, it became known that Sergey Kotlyarenko, who was associated with the Vice-Premier (Shuvalov's groupmate – manages his assets), owns ten apartments in a high-rise on the Kotelnicheskaya Embankment. Their total area is 719 sq. m. and the minimum aggregate value is not less than 600 million rubles. All apartments are located on the 14th floor and adjoin each other. They were bought gradually: in 2014, five of them were purchased, in 2015, another four, and one more in 2016.

Following the investigation about the real estate, FBK published information that Shuvalov has a personal plane worth $ 50 million. The official uses it for business trips around Russia. On it, he also flies to his castle in Austria. For a year, trips to the foreign estate cost Shuvalov 100 million rubles. On the same plane, Corgis, which Shuvalov's wife breeds, fly to foreign exhibitions. Transportation of dogs by charter flight at the time of calculation cost the official 40 million rubles.

Shuvalov’s jet. Photo by:

Details about the Bombardier jet were published by journalist Alexey Venediktov. He told about the documents, according to which Igor Shuvalov uses the aircraft under a lease agreement. And he rents the jet out from his own son. After the State Duma passed a law on foreign investments of foreign officials in 2013, the Shuvalovs were forced to move their companies to Russia. One of them could not be moved, so they gave the plane to their son.


Yevgeny Shuvalov was born when the family had almost nothing. His father had just graduated from law faculty of Moscow State University and got a job at Mamut’s firm. By 2002, everything had changed. Shuvalov Sr., was already friends with the right people and had been climbing the steps of the Russian Government for several years already.

“Zhenya’s classmates are Abramovich, Aven, Jordan. So he is not the wealthiest in the class. Once, after a visit to a friend, the son asked: “Dad, why do we live in such a small house?” I explained that his friend's dad works in a very competitive environment, which is also dangerous for life. People who have a greater fortune than mine have risked more in life, it has been harder for them. I said that when he grows up, the situation will be different. And he will have to compete using his knowledge and abilities,” Igor Shuvalov told in an interview in 2002.

Igor Shuvalov with his wife and sons at the Parade in honor of the 70th anniversary of Victory

Soon Yevgeny goes to Wellington College, one of the most prestigious colleges in the UK, where in addition to studying, he is professionally engaged in swimming, plans to study in Oxford. The father decides otherwise: he sends his son to serve in the elite naval special forces Holuay on the Russky Island. Yevgeny serves as a “miner” in a company of scout divers. At the same time, in 2011, preparations are being made for the APEC summit, so Shuvalov Sr. visits his son from time to time or takes him with himself.

Remembering about Shuvalov, his colleagues say that Yevgeny “served like everyone else.” “In the early days, as expected, “demobs got his ass served to him”, and was put pressure upon for being a true Muscovite, he even could not curse. But Zhenya was patient with everything, as any rookie should be, he didn’t whine or, God forbid, reported to the authorities. Although, of course, the commanders singled out Shuvalov from all of us, talked to him more often, taught individually," says his colleague Nikita Malinin.

What is Shuvalov’s doing these days is not known. This year, he began to get rid of the family assets. On January 1, 2017, the company MF Investments LLC, the only founder of which was Yevgeny Shuvalov, was winded up. The rest of Russian and foreign companies, as well as the share of real estate, he handed over to his sister.


Igor Shuvalov’s eldest daughter Maria is now 19 years old. In her only interview, she tells that at the age of three and a half years she was sent to the school of Olympic reserve of Irina Viner, the wife of billionaire Alisher Usmanov. There, Maria began to engage in artistic gymnastics.

Then, a gymnasium and admission to the Moscow State Academy of Choreography (MGAKH) at the Bolshoi Theater. In 2016, a theater critic described her performance on the stage in Kommersant: “... nothing (except the regime of austerity) can not justify the squalor of MGAKH’s modern performances. High school student Maria Shuvalova, a bright brunette of a non-classical body, was prudently sent to dance barefoot and in a long tunic, accompanied by her peer Anatoly Soi.” And finishes: “The turn done by the undergraduates with reverential seriousness seemed a pure parody of the provincial choreography of stagnant times.”

Maria Shuvalova's profile on the website of the Bolshoi Theater

Maria graduated from the Academy of Choreography in the summer of 2017, and immediately was accepted into the ballet troupe of the Bolshoi Theater. Already after her graduation, on the solemn line of September 1 this year, Igor Shuvalov himself attended the Moscow State Academy of Arts. Perhaps now, the official’s second daughter is studying there: Kommersant wrote that both his daughters, Maria and Anastasia, who is younger, are engaged in ballet.

Maria Shuvalova does not hesitate to talk about her life in social networks. She not only uploads photos of the famous Shuvalov corgi, but also reports her movements. In 2015, she stayed in England. There, according to the investigation by Alexey Navalny, Igor Shuvalov’s is elite London real estate is located. In another photograph, the daughter of an official walks a corgi in London.

The daughter and Shuvalov’s corgi in Austria. Photo:

In the same year, Maria posted a photo from Salzburg: in it, along with a corgi, she stands on the pier of Shuvalov’s Austrian castle, about which Alexey Navalny told. Lanterns from the pier on the photos published by him coincide exactly with the lanterns on Maria Shuvalova’s Instagram. In the same place in January 2017, Shuvalov’s younger daughter Anastasia was also photographed. According to the photographs, she also stayed in the same place in June.

Shuvalov’s children in the Austrian castle

In 2016, Maria visited Singapore and Holland. The year 2017 was eventful as well: Milan, Italy in May, France and Cannes in July, Indonesia and Bali in autumn. On her Instagram, Maria talks about a “ picnic in the jet" and says that “she's a simple girl, so she wipes the crown once a day.”


Maria Shuvalova admits that ballet is not a very profitable thing. However, the parents did not deprive the daughter of a fortune. In April 2017, Maria Shuvalova became the founder of Nemchinovo Investments LLC. The previous two years, the company was owned by her brother Yevgeny.

Nemchinovo Investments was established by a foreign company, Bayfield Investments Limited, registered in the Bahamas. The CEO of the company is Sergey Kotlyarenko, Shuvalov’s fellow-student, who is already familiar to us and who plays the role of the Shuvalovs’ assets holder.

Now, Nemchinovo Investments acts as the founder of the non-profit partnership Sports and Recreation Site Osen-1, which is located in the village of Nemchinovo in the Odintsovo District, the Moscow Region. Skolkovo and Zarechye are nearby. Zarechye is the district of the Moscow, where Igor Shuvalov’s estate is located: the land plot occupies 75 thousand sq. m.

In Nemchinovo, Kazimir Malevich once lived, and today, there is an elite cottage settlement. Two-story house there is sold for 144 million rubles. The owners of the sports and recreational area, according to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, are several residents of the village, the Shuvalov family is among them, of course.

Maria Shuvalova’s Land in Nemchinovo, the Moscow Region

In July 2017, Maria Shuvalova became an owner of a house with an area of 204 sq. m. and a plot of land of 1386 sq. m. in Nemchinovo. The estate was registered as her property under a gift contract from her brother Yevgeny. The previous owner, until 2015, was Sergey Kotlyarenko.

The company owned by Maria Shuvalova owns a neighboring land plot of 4 thousand sq. m, and a four-storey house with an area of 734 sq. m. Appropriate extracts from Rosreestr are available to the editorial staff.

Maria Shuvalova. photo:

In the spring and summer of this year, Maria Shuvalova got not only the company and the land. In the same April, she became the sole owner of the family’s one of the foreign assets – the company Regional Property Developments Limited, registered in the UK, as follows from the register of British companies. A year ago, its owner was Yevgeny Shuvalov, but now, the rights are transferred to his sister.

It was this company that bought the plane on which Shuvalov's corgi fly. Regional Property Developments Limited is a subsidiary of another structure – Sevenkey Limited, registered in the Bahamas. The fact that Sevenkey’s beneficiary is Igor Shuvalov transpired in 2011. Then, the media reported that Alisher Usmanov borrowed money from Sevenkey to buy shares in the metallurgical company Corus.

Maria Shuvalova's certification to Regional Property Developments Limited

Its subsidiary Regional Property Developments Limited was also noticed in another corruption scandal. The payments for the purchase of Gazprom’s shares in 2004 were also conducted through Regional Property Developments Limited, which today belongs to Maria Shuvalova.

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