Where Russian Officials and Oligarchs Spent New Year's holidays?

Russiangate reads maps and yachts locations to see what the next year will be like for the Russian elite



On November 30, daughter of Russian Presidential Press Secretary, Yelizaveta Peskova, published a touching post on her Instagram about a boy who was injured by a maniac in Greece four years ago. Alleging that the Peskovs family demands justice, which has not been restored for three years for the unfortunate family, she suggested collecting money for them.

In the beginning of November, the yacht Matlese Falcon docked near Athens, where she celebrated the New Year. The yacht belongs to her father or his assistant Oleg Mitvol – often photos of Mitvol and the Peskov family have the same views, and, surprisingly, they coincide with the location of the yacht. The cost of renting a vessel is 26 million rubles a week.

Now the family, as well as the assistant to the presidential Press Secretary, is having fun in Dubai.



President of the mining company Nornickel got himself a third yacht and a plane for the New Year's. Now, Potanin’ collection includes three ships – Anastasia, Nirvana and Barbara, the cost of which amounts to $ 500 million.

Barbara left the port of Dubai on December 23 and headed for the islands. Together with the yacht Nirvana on January 4, they were at the Maldives. The yacht, named after her daughter, is moored in France.



The yacht called Princess Olga also known as Amore Vero is moored in the Italian port of the city of La Spezia. According to observations of Russiangate, the vessel, which probably belongs to head of Rosneft Igor Sechin, has been in the port for a long time – on New Year's Eve too.

Is it a coincidence that the trip to Italy prevented the head of the state corporation from coming to court for hearings on the case of ex-Minister of Economic Development Alexei Ulyukaev in December, where he was a key witness?

The cost of the yacht is about $ 190 million.



The last time the yacht called Photinia was seen in the Finnish port of Kotka on September 30, 2017. The vessel for $ 5 million, named for the church name of the Prime Minister’s wife, runs from St. Petersburg towards this port for three years on regular basis.

Whether the Prime Minister celebrated the New Year on the yacht, abroad or in the house for a duck in Plyos, we could not have established for certain.



Dilbar, the yacht of the Russian oligarch, is moored in Barcelona since November. There, a ship worth $ 600 million entered the New Year.

What’s Alisher Usmanov’s opinion on the independence of Catalonia, we do not know: unfortunately, the friend of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is not interested in keep his video blog going.

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