Chechen statesmen, killers, businessmen - find three differences

How the accomplices in the murder of Sulim Yamadayev manage the companies connected to Ahmat Kadyrov’s foundation

On April 16, 2017 the Chechnya’s main investigative department issued a federal search warrant in the name of Isa Yamadayev under suspicion of life attempt on the republic’s head Ramzan Kadyrov. Eight years ago he was a target himself. His brother Ruslan was killed in September 2008, another brother Sulim was murdered in March 2009. Their killers have become respectable people since, some of them work for the Ahmat Kadyrov foundation. Anastasia Khlopkova and Alexandrina Elagina found out how the Interpol facilitates to become a successful businessman.

Accuse or lose

In May 2016 in Chechnya, the massive arrests occurred during the search of those who might have a hand in the attempt on Ramzan Kadyrov. Police arrested the relatives of the high-ranking Chechen officials, including Valid Yakhilhanov, a cousin of Ramzan’s nephew Islam Kadyrov. Valid informed the police about preparations to the attack.

In January 2017, Chechnya’s investigative committee opened a criminal case over the attempt on life of a statesman and in April issued a warrant for Isa Yamadayev. The investigators said that Isa had wanted to revenge Ramzan Kadyrov for the death of his brothers.

Isa Yamadayev - photo by Kommersant

The conflict between Yamadayevs and Kadyrovs started in April 2008, when in the town of Gudermes a convoy of Kadyrov did not share the road with the vehicles belonging to Sulim Yamadayev’s Vostok battalion. A few hours later, the Vostok’s two servicemen died in a skirmish with police. Formally, the two incidents have not been connected.

In August, Sulim Yamadayev was accused of a murder and kidnapping and he was put on a federal arrest warrant. Sulim had been hiding in Dubai, when in Moscow his brother Ruslan, an MP and Hero of Russia, was shot and killed

In spring 2009, Sulim was also killed. Despite the Emirates’ police had swiftly found the assassins, no one was convicted.

Murder of Sulim

In April 2009, the Interpol published the full list of the suspect at large, including Ramzan Kadyrov’s cousin, an MP Adam Delimkhanov, Ramzan Musiev, Elimpasha Khatsuev and three brothers Marvan, Salman, Tirpal Kimayevs.

Interpol’s profile

According to the criminal files, in February 2009 Kimaevs offered the UAE resident Makhsudzhon Ismatov $100,000 for scouting Sulim Yamadayev. During the search, Mahdi Lornia (Ramzan Kadyrov’s horsekeeper) had been in connection with Adam Delimkhanov who had also been to UAE then. The MP asked Lornia to pass a briefcase with a pistol to an unidentified man.

On March 28, Kimaev and Ismatov met in a cafe near the Rimal building in the Jumeirah Beach Residence where Yamadayev had lived. When Sulim left his car, Zelimkhan Mazayev had shot him. All the accomplices immediately left to Russia.

The place of murder in UAE

Forgotten by Interpol

Dubai police had managed to detain only Ismatov and Lornia. In April 2010, they were sentenced to life in prison but in December the court of appeal mitigated the sentence to 27 months. They were released in 2011.

In August 2010, Isa Yamadayev and Ramzan Kadyrov reconciled publicly.

“I can say it responsibly that I bear no ill feelings to Ramzan Kadyrov and am ready to be his man. In future, I won’t let anyone to make any statements over Ramzan Akhmatovich”, Isa said. In summer 2012, the Interpol ceased to look for Adam Delimkhanov.

The rest of the suspects in the Interpol list had not been trying to hide too. In fall of 2011, Mazayev forgot a pistol in a Moscow cafe and had started brawl with the operatives. In January 2013, the UAE authorities ended criminal prosecution and forgave Mazayev and his accomplices according to the Sharia laws. Still in January 2017, a district court in Moscow sentenced Mazayev to six years in a labor camp for a robbery.

Brothers Kimaevs had been completely forgotten until they had reminded about themselves.

Ramzan, help

Before the murder of Yamadayevs, there was no information about Salman Kimaev. His career had started to flourish following the murder, thanks to the social networks.

People write letters to Ramzan Kadyrov often but he does not reply to everyone. Salman had been a lucky one.

To attract Ramzan’s attention, Salman opened an account in Twitter in March 2013. On March 18, he commented three posts of Kadyrov: “We need your support”. It looks like the message had been read.

Since 2011, Salman Kimaev has been a founder of the SK Expert Ltd with 2.5% of shares. But in November 2013 he became a big entrepreneur, establishing with to partners the Magnus Ruda financial company in Belgorod.

His brothers had been successful as well. In 2014, the Inteko-2009 Ltd was bought by Ruslan Kimaev. Marvan Kimaev founded the Terek Ltd in March 2017.

In spring 2016, Salman Kimaev along with the Ahmat Kadyrov foundation opened two firms, Magnus Grozny and Belfarma Grozny. He also became a co-founder of the MS Grozny Ltd connected to the foundation.

The Ahmat Kadyrov foundation was established in 2004 by Ramzan’s mother Aimani. The foundation fills its vault through “voluntary-obligatory” contributions of Chechnya residents, who have been obliged to chip out about 10% of their salaries, which makes $60 mln a month. The money have allegedly been spent to entertain foreign celebrities.

In 2016 году, the Transparency International mentioned the foundation in its global corruption list.

Allies and partners

In 2015, Ramzan Kadyrov announced that the biopharmaceutical cluster Magnus Grozny will be built in five years in Grozny. Kadyrov said the investments would amount to 16 bln rubles provided by the international Magnus Union holding. Salman Kimaev was presented as the Magnus Union senior vice president.

Magnus Union profile in the LinkedIn

In October 2016, the cluster was mentioned by the General director of the TechnoMedFarma Sergei Grachev once again as a plant, hospital and training center for the young medical professionals.

That was the last mentioning about the project.

In February 2017, the news came in that Chechnya had planned to create “Islamic banking”. The idea supported by Ramzan Kadyrov should be implemented by the Magnus Union.

The Magnus Union’s representatives position themselves as Kadyrov’s proxies during the talks with a Crimean Tatar businessman Lenur Islyamov, when Salman Kimaev and Sergei Gonchar wanted to buy out his Just Bank.

Although the deal had failed, Salman Kimaev along with Sergei Gonchar and the Ahmat Kadyrov foundation registered the Partnerskii Banking company in February 2017.

The Magnus Union

The Magnus Union comprise the Hong-Kong-registered Magnus Business Investments LTD, German Soham GmbH, Swiss Soham Swiss GmbH, Greek Athos S.A., Russian Euro-Income VED, Magnus Invest Ruda, Trade house Euro-Income, the center of cluster development Magnus and Belorussina Magnus Capital.

All Russian companies in the list have been linked to Sergei Gonchar, Belfarma, Salman Kimaev and Mikhail Berezhny. The VPZ Magnus, Center of Cluster development Magnus also represent themselves as parts of the holding.


Sergei Gonchar announces creation of the bio-cluster in Chechnya - screenshot from the Grozny TV

Still the websites of the Magnus Union have been dead since at least 2013. The Swiss  Soham Swiss GmbH has been in dissolution process since 2015. Its co-founders are Sergei Gonchar, as well as Sergei and Irina Nemukin.

The Nemykins also own German Soham GmbH est. in 2003 and now in a process of disbanding either.

The Hong-Kong state registry does not mention the Magnus Business Investments LTD. There are 48 companies with the word “Magnus” in their titles, 22 of them have been defunct. The Athos S.A. has also been absent from the official listings.

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