Chechens render themselves untouchable for Moscow

In the year 2016 it has become a commonplace for the Russian federal officials and celebrities to apologize before various Chechen officials. The Russiangate recalls top seven apologies in 2015-2016 and forecasts the 2017 will continue that newly-obtained “tradition”.

1. Delimkhanov vs Yemelyanenko

Fedor Yemelyanenko, the martial arts champion slams the practice of children sport fights in Chehnya. Adam Delimkhanov, a deputy prime minister of Chechnya, in return slammed the wrestler saying that he was “too timid for the real-man talk”. The Chechen wrestlers joined the official. Head of the Ahmat sport club said the Chechen side was ready to settle the controversy providing Yemelyanenko would apologize. Head of Chechen republic Ramzan Kadyrov had intervened and the online exchange had been erased. 

2. Konstantin Senchenko vs Ramzan Kadyrov

A member of the Krasnoyarsk regional legislature Konstantin Senchenko told Ramzan Kadyrov “Russia's shame” in his Facebook post. In return, a resident of Krasnoyarsk, ethnic Chechen Buvaisar Saituev, responded that «the people in Krasnoyarsk are serious and responsible, they live in harsh climate and are responsible for their words”. Senchenko swiftly recalled his criticism, sending an address to Kadyrov personally. “Sorted”, Ramzan agreed. 

3. Ramzan Jalaldinov vs Chechen officials

Ramzan Jalaldinov recorded a videotape accusing the local authorities of corruption. In response, the police seized Jalaldinov's home village and burnt his home. Jalaldinov escaped first to the neighboring Ingush republic and then to Moscow. In the Russian capital he told reporters that he would demand multi-million compensation for the moral damage from Chechen authorities. 

4. Aishat Inayeva vs Chechen officials

Aishat Inayeva, an employee of the rehabilitation clinic for kids, complained to Ramzan Kadyrov on unaffordable utility prices which had been deducted form her salary: “Do you believe no one but you wants to eat and drink? You don't let us live like humans. You only care about your personal business, giving out cars and apartments to your performers. Why do you give nothing to the common people?”

After the address had been made public, the woman was summoned to the meeting attended by a deputy Prime Minister of Chechnya (and Ramzan's relative) Islam Kadyrov. “A woman has got only half of a man's intellect”, on of the officials told the meeting.

After the meeting, Inayeva was summoned to the publicized conversation with Ramzan Kadyrov, parliament's speaker and Aishat's direct boss. The meeting ended with Inayeva had withdrawn her claims and apologized for “disturbing Ramzan's heart”. 

Her husband expressed his growing love the “Chechen Ruler” for his wife had returned home form that meeting with no injures. 

5. Unknown “kamikaze” vs Highlanders

An unidentified bloger (presumably, Robert Izmailov, a mountain Jew living in the US) published a 40-second videotape insulting Chechen and Ingush people at once, using obscene language (see the video). Later he apologized before the mountaineers. 

6. Another unidentified kamikaze vs Moscow's Chechens

One more anonymous “hero” expressed his shock over the behavior of the armed Chechens who had stirred fighting at one of Moscow's cemeteries. He publicly apologized at the gun's point. 

7. Vyachaslav Karelin vs Chechen community

Vyacheslav Karelin (aka Foul) participated in a “rap-battle” in the Chechen Fighters online resource and said something about the Chechen girls the Chechen boys had found insulting. He decided to apologize after receiving threats from the Chechens. The Chechen Fighters called its participants to stop bulling Karelin: “Forgive and forget! He understood how wrong he had been and promise not to repeat the offense”.

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