Closer than a brother

What Adam Delimkhanov, a cousin of the Chechen republic’s leader, possesses.

The Moscow military court has been hearing the case over the murder of politician Boris Nemtsov, with one of the suspects is a deputy commander of the Interior troops North battalion Ruslan Geremeev.

“A few days after the arrests in Geremeev’s ancestral village Jalka the top-ranking had people gathered. Besides Ramzan Kadyrov,  member of the State Duma Adam Delimkhanov, member of the Federation Council Sulim Geremeev and others reportedly had attended the meeting. Of course, Ruslan Geremeev also had presented.

Jalka was guarded by the North fighters during that gathering. The battalion's commander has been Adam’s brother Alibek.

After the meeting, Geremeev crossed the Caspian Sea and left for the UAE disguised as Kadyrov’s hostler.

Jalka has also been a native village of Delimkhanov’s family.

The Russiangate learned what Adam Delimkhanov has to do with the attack on the journalists at Chechen border on March 9, 2016.

Everyone in Chechnya knows that a luxury fenced green-roofed house in Jalka village near Grozny belongs to Adam Delimkhanov, a State Duma member and Ramzan Kadyrov’s “closer than a brother” man.

A screenshot of the Grozny TV report (2012): Ramzan Kadyrov arrives to Adam Delimkhanov’s estate on the occasion of Ramadan

The information about Delimkhanov’s family has been sketchy. He has three brothers: Alibek, Amhad, Sharip and a sister Petimat. Alibek has been a commander of the North battalion and studies in the General Stuff’s military academy in Moscow. Sharip used to command the so-called oil regiment and since 2016 he has been a chief of Chechnya National Guards. Amhad works in the Interior ministry and in 2006 he served in the “oil regiment”.

12 — копия.jpg
Brothers Delimkhanovs with their mother Mariam, Kadyrov and his mother Aimani. (from Instagram of the Chechen parliament’s speaker Magomed Daudov, 2016)

In 2010, Adam Delimkhanov, 47, had four children and several grandchildren.

11 — копия.jpg
From Ramzan Kadyrov’s Instagram

The estate comprises two houses, a garden, fountain and a park, but, according to the public registry, there is no any build-up at that 8-mln-ruble land plot.

Снимок экрана 2016-09-15 в 16.44.52.png
The estate in Jalka photographed by the KP daily’s reporter

How much the MP makes

For nine years in the State Duma, Adam Delimkhanov has doubled his fortune. In 2006, he declared income of 505,000 rubles and a 700-sq-m land plot. In 2016 declaration, his land plot grew up to 1446 sq m and his income rose to 4.7 mln rubles.

His wife disappeared from the declaration in 2014. A year before, her income was declared of 750,000 rubles.

According to the Finance magazine’s ranking, Delimkhanov’s fortune in 2001 amounted to $300 mln (or 9.1 bln rubles). The MP’s declaration in 2011 shows his income of 1.9 mln rubles only, and that of his wife of 187,000 rubles.

Native land

The village of Jalka has been Delimkhanov family’s native land of over 27,000 sq m. The above-mentioned estate formally became Adam’s property on March 18, 2015.

Jalka village as seen at the Google maps

A 2,700-sq-m plot squeezed between Adam’s house and the palace belongs to Maidam Mudatova. The owners of three other houses remain unidentified as in the federal registry there are no mention of them.

The land plot occupied by the palace and the adjacent building formally belong to Adam’s mother Mariam since 2014.

Nearby, there are the houses where other brothers Delimkhanovs live.
3 — копия.jpg
The area where the Delimkhanov’s family lives with many spaces have formally been white (Rosreestr map)

On the right, there is a house belonging to the Chechen parliament’s member Musa Delimkhanov, registered in 2016. His last income declaration was published in 2014.

More houses there have been owned by Adam’s daughter Hedi Soltakhanova, Elina Delimkhanova and Yahita Delimkhanova.

The 1724-sq-m land plot next to the palace belongs to a Chechen actress Markha Gairbekova.

Those and several other land plots and houses have not been presented in the federal property registry Rosreestr.

Detail of bio

Adam Delimkhanov’s name emits fear: he has been involved in murder of his cousin’s and Kadyrov’s opponents, brothers Yamadayevs. The US Justice ministry blacklisted Delimkhanov for his connections with the criminal Brothery Ring syndicate.

Adam had started his career as a personal driver of the Chechen warlord Salman Raduyev. In September 2016, he won his another term in the State Duma with landsliding 93.24% of ballots.

7 — копия.jpg
State Duma elections preliminary results (September 2016). Adam Delimkhanov is second from the left.

In 2006 and 2011 Delimkhanov was elected from the United Russia party and worked as a first deputy head of the Federal composition and local self-government committee.

According to the Duma official profile, Delimkhanov has initiated 20 bills in nine years as an MP. He has also taken part in drafting the notorious law About foreign agents.

Still, one of his the mostly publicized appearances happened happened not during the discussions of the bills but thanks to the fist fighting with another MP Alexei Zhuravlev in December 2013 when during the dispute Delimkhanov waved a golden pistol.

Like all Chechen officials, Delimkhanov has been very sensitive to any criticism toward the republic. All human rights groups have been evicted from Chechnya - for instance, the Grozny office of the Committee for prevention of torture was ransacked in June 2015.

Unidentified men had beaten the journalists and human rights activists, looted them and set their bus on fire. Photo by Yegor Skovorodin / Mediazona

The Russiangate learnt that Adam Delimkhanov masterminded the attack on the journalists and human rights activists on the border between Chechnya and Ingushetia in March 2016. The attackers said the journalists and human rights activists “had no business in Chechnya”.

The sources close to Delimkhanov say the attack was perpetrated by Ingush religious figure Ibrahim Belhoroyev.
Journalists and human rights activists are being filmed secretly as they are having lunch in Grozny on March 8, 2016, the day before the attack happened.

“There were five cars. They have pretended they left to Chechnya, but they made a U-turn in Achkhoi,” the source said.

The other source claimed the Ingush republic head Yunus-Bek Yevkurov had been informed about the incident, as a member of the republic’s parliament Yakhya Belkhoroyev had earlier asked Yevkurov to remove the group of journalists and activists from the region.

The Belkhoroyev’s family has been on friendly terms with Chechnya leaders and calls Ramzan Kadyrov “the Mahdi who will lead everyone out of the darkness”.

Belkhoroyevs and Adam Delimkhanov, 2014

At the moment, the Investigative Committee has not finalized the investigation of that crime. Earlier, the IC had said the criminal case had been closed due to impossibility to establish the attack’s perpetrators.

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