Incomes of the heads of North Caucasus republics

The Russiangate nosed into 2016 income declarations of the heads of seven Northern Caucasian republics.

The Russiangate nosed into 2016 income declarations of the heads of seven Northern Caucasian republics.

North Ossetia - Alania

Vyacheslav Bitarov (heads the republic since September 2016) earned 31.5 mln rub. His wife declared nothing.

The family has no property, renting a house (489.4 m2). Bitarov bought a Lexux LS460 in 2016 and a tractor K701.

Vyacheslav Bitarov, photo –

In 2015, Bitarov declared 8.1 mln rub and his wife earned 1 mln rub.


By May 15, Ramzan Kadyrov did not publish his declaration, though the deadline has passed on April 1.

Since 2008, Kadyrov’s official income has gradually been risen from 3.4 mln rub to 6 mln in 2015. This is the second place in the rating of the richest heads of North Caucasian republics.

Ramzan Kadyrov (left) and the head of Chechen government Magomed Daudov - photo by Said Tsarnayev/ RIAN

Ramzan’s wife earned 2.8 mln rub, and their two underage children also made 200,900 and 203,300 rub each.

Kadyrov owns a house (2300 m2) and a land plot (3600 m2). His wife owns an apartment (209.8 m2). The family rents a house of 300 m2 and no vehicles.


Ramzan Abdulatipov declared 3.1 mln rub, a house (324 m2), ¼ of apartment and rents a land plot of 900 m2. His wife owns ¼ of the same apartment.

Ramzan Abdulatipov, photo –

His wife earned 1 mln rub. She declared a country house (210 m2) and two land plots of 2131 m2 each. She rents another land plot of 1200 m2 and two houses (384 and 305.4 m2). The family declared no vehicles.

Ingush republic

Yunus-Bek Yevkurov earned 2.3 mln rub and three parking spaces but no vehicles.

Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, photo – Gleb Shchelkunov/ Kommersant

Yevkurov’s wife and three underaged children own a share in the apartment of 247.2 m2 and rent a cottage (420 m2).


Yuri Kokov earned 2 mln rub (110,000 rub down from 2015). His wife earned 349,000 rub (23,000 rub up from 2015).

Yuri Kokov, photo –

Kokov owns an apartment (146.6 m2) and rents a land plot (242 m2). His wife declared a house, land plot and a share in one more land strip. The family rents a dacha and owns a non-residential building. They declared no vehicles.


Acting head Murat Kumpilov declared 1.5 mln rub. He has been at that post since January 2017, and since October 2016 he had been a head of the Adygeya parliament.

In 2015, Kumpilov declared 300,000 rub less. His wife’s income rose marginally from 148,700 to 714,400 rub.

Murat Kumpilov, photo –

Kumpilov owns an apartment of 50 m2 and a car trailer Thule MC-ATV and shares other property with his wife and three sons (two land plots, a house, two non-residential premises). The wife and children also own a land plot and a house.


Rashid Temrezov declared 1.3 mln rub and his wife earned 107,000 rub (shrp drop from 1.5 mln rub in 2015).

President Putin awarding Rashid Temrezov with the Order of Friendship, photo –

Temrezov owns no property which is registered on his wife: two land plots, a house, three apartments, garage, two warehouses. Their underage son owns an apartment of 276.4 m2. The family rents a house and a farm plot.

Temrezov owns three Russian-made cars: GAZ-69, GAZ-21 and Lada 212140.

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