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2017 In Review: Top Russiangate’s Investigations

Sergey Matvienko’s Investment Grab-it-zation We reviewed the real estate owned by the son of Federation Council Chairman Valentina Matvienko and traced back a story that unveiled her generosity. Sergei Matvienko privatized land plots and buildings from the assets of St. Petersburg for 8.4 billion rubles. He received land and real estate for investment projects, when his mother was the governor of St. Petersburg. The promised hotel complexes on rented land have never been built. But under the new...

2017 In Review: Infographics in Russiangate’s Investigations

Texts that you do not have to read, just click and we'll show you everything The wealthiest officials of Russia. Map Russian officials are required to declare their incomes every year. Russiangate carefully studies anti-corruption declarations: we compare annual revenues, count square meters of their real estate and look for foreign property of the civil servants. The results of the calculations are collected on interactive maps with their millions popping up. On the map of Moscow, federal...

2017 In Review: Organized Crime and Business in Russiangate’s Investigations

How leaders of organized criminal groups live Salem-Crimea A restaurant in Simferopol, in which members of a criminal group would usually meet, was called Salem, just like the American brand of cigarettes. The same name was given to the organized criminal group in question. Presumably, the members of Salem killed about 50 people, blew up the tourist camp Tavria (in order to kill the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Crimea). In total, the OCG included up to a thousand people. The owner...

2017 In Review: Officials’ Children in Russiangate’s Investigations

Who got rich and lives grandly at the expense of their parents’ connections? Children of Russian officials are often called heirs of the current political elite. They can replace their aging parents at their posts. Some have made their careers thanks to the connections of parents, others simply enjoy life. For a year, the Russiangate editorial staff has been looking into what Russian officials’ children are doing and how they earn. The daughter of the chief special-service agent: swimming, surfing...

2017 In Review: Top Partners’ Investigations

Nike’s tax hankey-pankey, Paradise Papers and an inspiring story of a corruption fighter in the Czech Republic In 2017, Russiangate not only conducted its own investigations, but also translated the materials of foreign colleagues into Russian. The translations of the best foreign investigations are listed in today's article. Lumumba’s case PPLAAF, a platform created to help human rights defenders and journalists,...

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