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Suppliers with an accent

To counter the non-patriots, the Russian Guards purchase the US-made vehicles through Cypriot offshores. The Russiangate keeps reporting about what the Rosgvardia (the Russian Guards) buys to counter the “fifth column” and to protect public order. Anastasia Khlopkova collected information about who supplies the sound weapons, armored vehicles, arms and bullets for the Guards. Nothing imported, or “It’s better if the state orders are implemented by the national companies rather than the foreign...

Exploding the “Fifth column”

... Putin’s guards “Those people are always on alert, they’ll never say “no”, never retreat, they’ll always stand till the end”, the documentary titled “Rosgvardia” (The Russian Guards) narrates . The film narrates about “hard days of the national guard’s servicemen”. It was first broadcast on the Rossija TV channel on June 12, the Russia Day. That day, the Russian Guards were really working hard, detaining the participants of the anti-corruption meetings. The Russian Guards Federal ...

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