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How Berkut was migrating to Russia

New life of the Ukrainian law enforcers: Russia covers the Berkut troopers, including those wanted for murders of the protesters Units of Ukrainian special police Berkut became notorious during the events of the Euromaidan in Kiev, when they forcefully suppressed the pro-European rallies. After the regime of Yanukovich was overthrown, the Berkut troopers could expect difficult times so some of them moved to Russia. Alexander Ponomarev collected information about their fate. On Nov 21, 2013 the...

Exploding the “Fifth column”

The Russian Guards buy armored vehicles, infrasound weapons and sticks to calm those who are against political stability in Russia The second year in a row the commanders of the Russian Guards established in April 2016 declares that its troops are going to counter the “fifth column” and “revolutionary agitation” in this country. Its officers present at the anti-corruption meetings and detain their participants. To suppress the popular unrest in spring 2017, the Russian Guards purchased the “sound...

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