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Suppliers with an accent

To counter the non-patriots, the Russian Guards purchase the US-made vehicles through Cypriot offshores. The Russiangate keeps reporting about what the Rosgvardia (the Russian Guards) buys to counter the “fifth column” and to protect public order. Anastasia Khlopkova collected information about who supplies the sound weapons, armored vehicles, arms and bullets for the Guards. Nothing imported, or “It’s better if the state orders are implemented by the national companies rather than the foreign...

Exploding the “Fifth column”

... been selling military uniforms. Ivan Shevchenko from Moscow offers an army gas mask for 7,500 rub and a plastic bullet-proof helmet for 14,000 rub. The Russian Guards in May 2017 bought protective helmets for 48,000 rub and 32,000 rub per piece via the state purchases online platform. “Shepot” and armour The Russian Guards have been preparing for the FIFA World Cup-2018 and presidential elections the same year. In April 2017, it purchased 50 sets of the Shepot (Whisper) non-lethal acoustic devices ...

How much the Day of Russia costs

Tutorial on bell-ringing and ski boots: what the authorities ordered to celebrate the Russia Day. The nation celebrated June 12, the Russia Day, with anti-corruption rallies. The Russiangate found out how the state organizations had been preparing for the holiday. The Culture ministry paid 33 mln rub to mark the Russia Day in Bulgaria, where 18 events took place in five cities. The Bulgarians could attend the forum on pilgrimage and religious tourism, a conference on inter-Church dialogue and...

Bury a President

... funerals. In 2010, the similar order was issued by then-President Dmitry Medvedev, when former Prime minister Victor Chernomyrdin had died. Still, it is impossible to calculate all spending for the VIP funerals as not all of them have been mentioned in the state purchases data base. Gravedigger-in-chief Year in, year out, the state contracts on funeral services have been signed with the same contractor, the Military-memorial company ZAO (VMC). In 2004, the Federal antitrust service accused the defense ministry ...

Vodka or schnapps: which liqueurs the officials favor

... governmental resorts and canteens, universities, hospitals, labor camps as well as municipalities, Defense ministry, Russian railways. The majority of the orders come, not surprisingly, from the capital city and the region. Since 2011, when the records of state purchases started, to 2013, four hundred contracts on alcohol consignment had been signed each year. In 2015, the number of such contracts fell sharply. But in 2016, the figure hiked to the historical record of 524 orders. Clicking on a region pops ...

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