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Three strikes against Nazarov

Corruption scandals involving the Omsk governor Victor Nazarov In 2012, former gas industrialist Victor Nazarov was appointed the head of the Omsk region. He was believed to be a temporary occupant of that office but Nazarov had successfully been re-elected in 2015. Eduard Belozerov collected more information about the official. Beginning On April 2, 2012, then-President Dmitry Medvedev proposed Victor Nazarov, an MP from the United Russia and the director of the Gazprommezhregiongaz-Omsk as...

Chechnya, all out

How Kadyrov’s charity foundation makes profit The Ahmat Kadyrov foundation does not only build houses for socially vulnerable citizens, supplies Syria with foods and makes presents to the world celebrities. It also builds factories, establishes companies and opens foreign accounts. The Russiangate finds out who feeds the Kadyrov foundation. “Charity” Ahmat Kadyrov foundation was established in 2004 by Ramzan Kadyrov’s mother Aimani Kadyrova. The co-founders have been the head of the Chechnya’s...

Chechens render themselves untouchable for Moscow

In the year 2016 it has become a commonplace for the Russian federal officials and celebrities to apologize before various Chechen officials. The Russiangate recalls top seven apologies in 2015-2016 and forecasts the 2017 will continue that newly-obtained “tradition”. 1. Delimkhanov vs Yemelyanenko Fedor Yemelyanenko, the martial arts champion slams the practice of children sport fights in Chehnya. Adam Delimkhanov, a deputy prime minister of Chechnya, in return slammed the wrestler saying that...

Crimean spring: Gangster-turned-politician

Legitimacy of Crimea incorporation into Russia could be questioned but the fact is rock-solid: it has been a part of Russia since 2014 and as its region demands its share of the federal budget pie. The Peninsula requires urgent rescue efforts but could they be successful since Crimea steering wheel has been in hands of a man, Sergei Axenov, directly linked to criminal groups? Following the coup d'etat in Kiev, also called “Euro Maidan” on Feb 22, 2014, leaders of then-autonomous Republic of Crimea...

Samara governor: flying high

Samara governor Nikolai Merkushin became a celebrity in the Internet in one week, after his remarks regarding the Alan Dulles Plan and “bad taste” of a worker which was the reason why she had not been paid. But these remarks have been the only reason why the governor became a popular person in Russia. Latest remarks made by Nikolai Merkushin in public rendered him a popular person in the RuNet. On Aug 23, he was meeting with workers of a machine-building plant. The plant management owes its employees...

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