2017 In Review: Infographics in Russiangate’s Investigations

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The wealthiest officials of Russia. Map


Russian officials are required to declare their incomes every year. Russiangate carefully studies anti-corruption declarations: we compare annual revenues, count square meters of their real estate and look for foreign property of the civil servants. The results of the calculations are collected on interactive maps with their millions popping up.

On the map of Moscow, federal agencies are indicated. Hover your mouse over the ministry and the wealthiest employee will pop up: his name, photo, amount of income and position. In the same window, there is a link to the article about other leaders of the rating. The map of the country has the regional authorities. When hovering on a region, the wealthiest official will be shown. The map lives and replenishes with new regions and the richest people of the Russian government.

Golden Cage: How Ulyukaev Spends Time Under House Arrest


The year 2017 will be best remembered for the sentence of ex-Minister of Economic Development Alexei Ulyukaev – ten years in a strict regime colony. Russiangate checked where he spent his house arrest and studied the list of residents of the house in the elite Moscow complex Golden Keys-2.

The interactive scheme of the house allows you to look into the windows of Alexei Ulyukaev's neighbors. Point to the window to find out whom the ex-minister could flood and whom he can meet by the elevator. It turns out that the ex-minister got the apartment went from the manager of Rosneft; next to him, the husband of Dmitry Medvedev's press secretary lives, and mountain sheep are walking outside his place.    

Moscow Suburbs: The Richest Inhabitants of Skolkovo on Map


Another investigation related to elite real estate – we studied who bought expensive land outside the Moscow Ring Road. We started with Zarechye and Nemchinovo in the Odintsovo District – settlements near the Skolkovskoye Highway – and mapped the chic mansions with the names of their owners.

When you click on the house, information about its area and owner shows up. Next to the property of Igor Shuvalov and Roman Abramovich, you can find a dacha of the Federal Security Service, the apartment of former Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, the house of the wife of the member of the Council of Federation, Maxim Kavjaradze, and Moscow assistants to the mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin.

Shwarma, Vodka and Gypsies: How Votes are Bought


The last year will also remembered for a single voting day. On September 10, elections were held in 82 Russian regions. There were violations – observers reported cases of voter bribery. Russiangate found out in which currency voters’ tick marks were measured and showed the price tags on an interactive map. Moving around a huge country, you can find out in which region voices were bought with shwarma, in which with gold medals, boxing gloves, and even Orthodox excursions and gypsy concerts.

Moscow Elections: who to vote for? Infographics


Another interactive story about related to elections. On September 10, the elections of municipal deputies in Moscow were held. We collected all the candidates in one infographics. On it, you can choose your district and constituency. The colored balls are the candidates. If you point on the ball, colored in party colors, it will show the information about the candidate: the name, age and place of work.

You can play with the interactive graph after the elections as well. For example, find the oldest – 89-year-old – candidate, find out the amount of Moscow housewives who aimed to become deputies, learn about the students of the most politically active metropolitan university. Among the candidates, Russiangate found a janitor, drama artist, cleaning brigade leader, driver of the Presidential Affairs Office, ataman and treasurer of the Orthodox church. Who will you find?

Usmanov vs FBK: How the Billionaire Pursues Opposition in Court


Another “event of the year” was the release of the investigation by the Anti-Corruption Foundation called He is not your Dimon about the corrupt empire of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. As a result, Alexei Navalny was asked to remove the fragments of the film, in which the oligarch Alisher Usmanov appears.

Russiangate presented the whole story of confrontation on the interactive timeline. Travel through the “calendar” – from March to October to recall how the conflict between Usmanov and Navalny unfolded.

Usmanov vs FBK: How the Billionaire Pursues Opposition in Court


There were also stories about public procurement. Russiangate analyzed all alcohol purchases by government agencies: alcoholic drinks are bought every month at the expenses of the Russian budget. Alcohol is ordered for the residences of the first persons, sanatoriums and correctional colonies. The top 5 most active regions in alcoholic purchases are on the map of the country. To find out how many times wine or beer was bought in the Samara Region, just click on the interactive bottles.

Sacrifice of Regime


Yet another material on state contracts. United Russia, in 2016, received 4.3 billion rubles in donations to its accounts. Russiangate checked to see if philanthropists of the UR receive significant state contracts. The results were compiled in an interactive table.

For each donor company, the amount of the donation, the number of contracts for all time and after the contribution to the United Russia was indicated. The table can be managed by sorting the list of companies by the cost and number of contracts. As a result, one can find out that there are companies in the list of donors of the party of power that received government contracts for the first time only after the donation was made. Or that 104 companies after the contribution to the UR, they got better in winning the state contracts.

Apostol: renovation


The word of 2017, according to philologists, was “renovation”. Russiangate did not pass by this topic and released an investigation of the bots praising Sobyanin’s initiative on the Internet. The analysis of similar Twitter accounts of faceless fans of renovation showed that the bots are connected with the Tina Kandelaki’s company Apostle. 

For all of its projects, the company used the same accounts. An interactive timeline with the life cycle of one of the bots shows that its tweets completely coincide with all the projects of the Apostol – from the PR of Aeroflot and Rostech to the creation of a positive image of Igor Shuvalov and the Moscow City Hall.

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