Corruption Weekly: 25-29 September

Our weekly digest of the most important media investigations

September 26, ‘Sobesednik’ edition published a text about the non-commercial partnership ‘Vpzrozhdeniye Morskikh Traditsiy’ (or ‘Revival of Marine Traditions)’, which is part of a network of non-profit enterprises controlled by President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle. In 2015, some foreign citizens handed over a megayacht called "Shellest". Its length is 46 meters, width is about 9 meters. The vessel accommodates ten passengers and nine crew members. The approximate cost of the yacht is one and a half billion rubles.

The edition reveals connection of owners of the yacht and the so-called 'Putin's palace near Gelendzhik', as well as who is Denis Matyunin, owner of the 'Revival of the Sea Traditions'.

September 28, the founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation, Aleksei Navalny, published an investigation telling about real estate belonging to TV host Vladimir Solovyov. It turned out that he owns three apartments in the center of Moscow, a four-story villa in Peredelkino near Moscow and a huge villa in Italy.

"We estimate fortune of Solovyov at 1 billion rubles, minimum. This is money that he could not hide, which is documented. I think that if we add money which he has on Russian and foreign accounts, as well as cash in a suitcase under the bed, the sum will be doubled," says Navalny.

September 28,  Dozhd revealed details  of detention of 11 Russians and Estonians in Spain, who are suspected of laundering 30 million euros. The investigation believes that they laundered money earned by Izmaylovskaya and Solntsevskaya criminal groups to Spain, and then invested it in local business projects.

Authorities had been preparing for the operation for four years. Among the detainees there were owner of Marbella football club Alexander Grinberg, its vice-president German Pastushenko, as well as Arnold Tamm, known in Russia as Mr. Spivakovsky. Arnold Tamm is believed to be the leader of Solntsevskaya gang.

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